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Scabies in Medical News

Updated CDC Travel Health Book Released

... includes these new features: In-depth information about 20 additional diseases that travelers might not be familiar with, such as anthrax and scabies A discussion on mental health and travel A section about drug-drug and drug-vaccine interactions, which is especially important since ...

Efforts To Vanquish Skin Disease Among Infants

... living conditions facilitate the rapid spread of scabies and skin sores .Such conditions are rampant in ... reveal that the number of infants affected with scabies and aplethora of other skin diseases are sky ... in the interior communities are afflicted with scabies before they reach their first birthday.And ...

E. Coli Bacteria Migrating Between Humans, Chimps

... and other non-human primates. Human diseases also pass to monkeys and apes, with equally dire consequences: Pneumonia, respiratory disease, scabies and a polio-like virus have caused epidemic mortality in chimpanzees in some African locales. Source-Bio-Bio Tec