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US Disposable Medical Supplies Market

NEW YORK, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

US Disposable Medical Supplies Market

US demand to reach $47 billion in 2016

US demand for disposable medical supplies is forecast to increase 4.3 percent annually to $46.7 billion in 2016. An expanding volume of patient care activity spurred by aging demographic patterns, a rising incidence of diseases and disorders, and the extension of health insurance coverage by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will promote growth. Demand for disposable medical supplies will also build upward momentum as hospitals, outpatient facilities and other health care establishments adopt stricter infection prevention safeguards to meet stronger standards. Health care cost containment pressures will remain the key moderating influence on growth in the US disposable medical supplies market. Hospitals and other medical providers will become increasingly price sensitive in purchasing products as public and private health insurance concerns tighten restrictions on fees paid for patient procedures.

Drug delivery products to maintain dominance

Drug delivery devices will remain the largest and fastest growing group of disposable medical supplies. Growth will reflect an expanding number of chronic care patients who require surgery or continuous therapy. This trend, coupled with the introduction of new higher value-added, safety-enhanced products, will boost demand for several single-use products, including prefillable syringes and inhalers, intravenous catheters, oxygen therapy disposables, hemodialysis bloodlines and peritoneal dialysis kits.

First aid kits to pace wound management demand

Demand for wound management supplies will benefit from tissue sealants and adhesives composed of polymers and bioengineered substances, along with foam, alginate, collagen and growth factor wound dressings, to post the fastest gains based on performance advantages in the healing of surgical incisions and treatment of moderate-to-severe lacerations, respectively. Conversely, demand for bandages will expand at a below average pace due to limited pricing flexibility and the overall lack of proprietary types. First aid kits will fare the best among the products in this group, building momentum from trends that promote selftreatment. Gains in less invasive surgery will weaken the overall market for traditional suture and staple wound closures.

Class IV surgical drapes & gowns to pace nonwovens

Class IV surgical drapes and gowns will post the strongest sales gains among nonwoven medical textiles as surgical infection prevention safeguards are upgraded by hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Disposable face masks will also fare well in the marketplace, benefiting from routine use by medical providers in virtually all direct contact patient procedures. New enhanced absorbent, odor neutralized undergarments and shields will see the fastest gains in demand among incontinence products due to comfort and protection advantages. Among other disposable medical supplies, blood glucose test strips; surgical, diagnostic and urinary catheters; biological sterilization indicators; and medical waste disposal products will realize the fastest growth in demand. An expanding number of diabetics engaging in selftesting will boost sales of blood glucose test strips. A rising prevalence of heart conditions will promote the increasing use of surgical and diagnostic catheters, with devices for angioplasty and angiography posting the fastest demand gains.

Study coverage

This upcoming industry study presents historical demand data (2001, 2006 and 2011) plus forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by type and market. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 24 competitors in the US industry.


General 4Economic Factors 5Demographic Trends 9Heath Care Trends 11Health Insurance 12Medical Conditions 15Acute Conditions 15Chronic Conditions 16National Health Expenditures 19Spending Categories 20Funding Sources 22Medical Providers 25Hospitals 25Outpatient Facilities 26Physicians & Physicians' Offices 29Other Medical Providers 30Patient Activity 32Hospital Activity 33Surgical Procedures 34Outpatient Episodes 35Diagnostic Tests 36Medical Product Markets 38Pharmaceuticals 40Medical Supplies & Devices 41Surgical Appliances & Supplies 42Surgical & Medical Instruments 42Electromedical Equipment 43Diagnostic Products 43Ophthalmic Goods 44Dental Equipment & Supplies 44


General 46Plastic Resins 49Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 52Polypropylene 54Low Density Polyethylenes 54Thermoplastic Elastomers 56Acrylics 58Polycarbonate 58ABS 59High Density Polyethylenes 59Thermoplastic Polyesters 60Polyurethane 60Other Plastic Resins 61Nonwoven Fabrics 62Paper & Paperboard 64Rubber 65Other Raw Materials 67


General 69Historical Demand Patterns 72Regulations 73Supply & Device Reprocessing 74Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) 76Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) 77US Trade 78International Markets 80


General 83Infusion Products 86IV Administration Sets 87Premixed IV Solutions 89IV Catheters 91Other Infusion Products 94Enteral Feeding Supplies 94IV Accessories 95Hypodermic Products 96Prefillable Syringes 97Injectors 98Cartridges 100Hypodermic Syringes 103Hypodermic Needles 105Inhalation Products 107Prefillable Inhalers 108Metered Dose Inhalers 110Dry Powder Inhalers 114Anesthesia Disposables 116Oxygen Therapy Supplies 117Nebulizers & Accessories 119Humidifiers 120Other Inhalation Disposables 122Dialysis Disposables 123Hemodialysis Disposables 125Peritoneal Dialysis Disposables 127Transdermal Patches 130


General 134Wound Closures 136Sutures 138Absorbable Sutures 140Non-Absorbable Sutures 141Producers 142Surgical Staples 142Tissue Sealants 145Cyanoacrylate Sealants 146Fibrin Sealants 147Other Tissue Sealants 148Other Wound Closures 149Hemostats 150Anti-Adhesion Products 151Ligature Clips 153Disposable Bandages 153Adhesive Bandages 154Adhesive Tapes 158Cast Bandages & Accessories 160Gauze & Gauze Bandages 162Pads & Compresses 164Other Disposable Bandages 165Wound Dressings 167Biological & Synthetic Wound Dressings 168Film Dressings 169Hydrocolloid Dressings 170Collagen Dressings 171Foam Dressings 172Growth Factors 173Hydrogel Dressings 174Alginate Dressings 175Other Biological & Synthetic Dressings 176Non-Adherent Dressings 178Gauze Dressings 179Other Non-Adherent Dressings 180Other Wound Management Supplies 180First Aid Kits 181Medical Sponges 182Cotton Products 184


General 185Nonwoven Garments & Textiles 188Surgical & Patient Gowns 189Surgical Gowns 190Patient Gowns 193Surgical Drapes 195Face Masks 198Other Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles 200Staff Apparel 201Towels & Beddings 202All Other Nonwoven Garments & Textiles 203Incontinence Disposables 204Adult Undergarments 205Adult Shields 207Underpads 208Other Incontinence Disposables 210


General 212Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables 214Diabetes Testing Supplies 215Blood Glucose Test Stripes 216Other Diabetes Testing Supplies 218Blood Collection Supplies 219Disposable Labware 221Diagnostic Catheters 222Angiography Catheters 223Other Diagnostic Catheters 225Other Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables 226Home Test Kits 226Physicians' Examination Supplies 228Temperature Measuring Products 229Disposable Electrodes 231Infection Prevention Supplies 232Sterilization Supplies 233Sterile Containers 233Trays 235Pouches 237Bags 239Other Sterile Containers 241Sterilization Wrap 242Sterilization Indicators 245Biological Indicators 246Chemical Indicators 246Producers 248Examination & Surgical Gloves 248Examination Gloves 249Surgical Gloves 252Waste Disposal Supplies 255Waste Disposal Containers 256Waste Disposal Accessories 258Surgical Disposables 259Procedural Kits & Trays 260Cardiovascular Surgery 261Orthopedic Surgery 263Chest Drainage Units 264Other Procedural Kits & Trays 265Surgical Catheters 266Angioplasty Catheters 266Other Surgical Catheters 269Suction Catheters 269Atherectomy Catheters 269All Other Surgical Catheters 270Surgical Instruments 271Plastic Surgical Drapes 273All Other Disposable Medical Supplies 274Patient Room Supplies 275Urinary Disposables 277Foley Catheters 279Other Urinary Catheters 280Urinary Catheter Accessories 280Ostomy Disposables 281Procedures 281Products 282Enema Disposables 284


General 288Hospital Market 290Market Overview 291Disposable Medical Supplies Demand 292Home Health Care Market 293Outpatient Market 295Ambulatory Surgery Centers 297Urgent Care Centers 297General Medical Clinics 298Other Outpatient Facilities 298Physicians' Office Market 299Nursing Home Market 301Dental Office Market 303Other Health Care Markets 305


General 308Market Share 312Competitive Strategies 317Mergers & Acquisitions 318Licensing & Related Agreements 319Research & Development 323Marketing & Distribution 325Manufacturing 326Company Profiles 327Abbott Laboratories 328Advanced Sterilization Products, see Johnson & JohnsonAhlstrom Corporation 331Ansell Limited 333Bard (CR) Incorporated 336BARRX Medical, see CovidienBaxter International Incorporated 340Becton, Dickinson and Company 342Biosense Webster, see Johnson & JohnsonBoston Scientific Corporation 347Braun (B.) Melsungen AG 350Cardinal Health Incorporated 352Codman & Shurtleff, see Johnson & JohnsonConvaTec Incorporated 355Cordis, see Johnson & JohnsonCovidien plc 358Davol, see Bard (CR)DePuy, see Johnson & JohnsonEthicon, see Johnson & Johnsonev3, see CovidienGlaxoSmithKline plc 365Hospira Incorporated 367Janssen Pharmaceuticals, see Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson 369Kimberly-Clark Corporation 376LifeScan, see Johnson & JohnsonMedline Industries Incorporated 379Medtronic Incorporated 384Novartis AG 387Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceutical, see Johnson& JohnsonSandel Medical Industries, see AnsellSmith & Nephew plc 390Smiths Group plc 393STERIS Corporation 396Svenska Cellulosa AB 398Teleflex Incorporated 400Terumo Corporation 4063M Company 409VNUS Medical Technologies, see CovidienAdditional Companies Mentioned in the Study 413


SECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 82 Population by Age Group 113 Health Insurance Coverage of the US Population 144 Acute Conditions by Type 165 Chronic Conditions by Type 196 National Health Expenditures by Category 227 National Health Expenditures by Source 248 Hospitals & Hospital Beds by Type 269 Outpatient Facilities 2910 Physicians & Physicians' Offices 3011 Other Medical Providers 3212 Hospital Activity 3413 Surgical Procedures 3514 Outpatient Episodes 3615 Diagnostic Tests 3816 Medical Product Demand by Type 40


1 Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Raw MaterialsDemand by Type 482 Plastic Resins Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies(DMS) by Type 513 Nonwoven Fabric Demand in Disposable MedicalSupplies (DMS) 644 Paper & Paperboard Demand in Disposable MedicalSupplies (DMS) 655 Rubber Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) 676 Other Raw Materials Demand in Disposable MedicalSupplies (DMS) 68


1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Product Group 712 Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Historical Demand2001-2011 733 US Trade in Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) 794 World Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Demandby Region 82


1 Drug Delivery Products Demand by Product Group 852 Infusion Products Demand by Product Group 873 IV Administration Sets Demand by Type 894 Premixed IV Solutions Demand by Type 915 IV Catheters Demand by Type 936 Other Disposable Infusion Products Demand by Type 947 Hypodermic Products Demand by Product Group 978 Prefillable Syringes Demand by Type 989 Hypodermic Syringes Demand by Type 10510 Hypodermic Needles Demand 10711 Inhalation Products Demand by Product Group 10812 Prefillable Inhalers Demand by Type 11013 Anesthesia Disposables Demand by Product Group 11714 Oxygen Therapy Supplies Demand 11915 Disposable Nebulizers & Accessories Demand 12016 Disposable Humidifiers Demand 12217 Other Inhalation Disposables Demand 12318 Dialysis Disposables Demand by Product Group 12419 Hemodialysis Disposables Demand by Product Group 12720 Peritoneal Dialysis Disposables Demand by Product Group 13021 Transdermal Patches Demand 133


1 Wound Management Supplies Demand by Product Group 1352 Wound Closures Demand by Product Group 1383 Sutures Demand by Type 1404 Surgical Staples Demand by Product Group 1455 Tissue Sealants Demand 1466 Other Wound Closures Demand 1507 Disposable Bandages Demand by Product Group 1548 Adhesive Bandages Demand 1589 Adhesive Tapes Demand 16010 Cast Bandages & Accessories Demand 16211 Gauze & Gauze Bandages Demand 16412 Pads & Compresses Demand 16513 Other Disposable Bandages Demand 16714 Disposable Wound Dressings Demand by Product Group 16815 Biological & Synthetic Wound Dressings Demandby Product Group 16916 Non-Adherent Wound Dressings Demand by Product Group 17817 Other Disposable Wound Management Supplies Demandby Product Group 181


1 Nonwoven Medical Disposables Demand by Product Group 1872 Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles Demandby Product Group 1893 Nonwoven Surgical & Patient Gowns Demand by ProductGroup 1904 Nonwoven Surgical Gowns Demand 1935 Nonwoven Patient Gowns Demand 1946 Nonwoven Surgical Drapes Demand by Application 1987 Nonwoven Face Masks Demand by Type 2008 Other Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles Demandby Product Group 2019 Incontinence Disposables Demand by Product Group 205


1 Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by ProductGroup 2132 Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables Demand by ProductGroup 2153 Diabetes Testing Supplies Demand by Product Group 2164 Blood Collection Supplies Demand 2205 Disposable Labware Demand 2226 Diagnostic Catheters Demand by Product Group 2237 Other Diagnostic & Laboratory Disposables Demandby Product Group 2268 Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group 2329 Sterilization Supplies Demand by Product Group 23310 Sterile Containers Demand by Type 23411 Sterilization Wrap Demand by Type 24412 Sterilization Indicators Demand by Type 24513 Disposable Medical Gloves Demand by Product Group 24914 Examination Gloves Demand 25115 Surgical Gloves Demand 25516 Medical Waste Disposal Supplies Demand by Product Group 25617 Surgical Disposables Demand by Product Group 26018 Procedural Kits & Trays Demand by Type 26119 Surgical Catheters Demand by Product Group 26620 Disposable Surgical Instruments Demand by Product Group 27321 Plastic Surgical Drapes Demand 27422 All Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by ProductGroup 27523 Patient Room Supplies Demand 27724 Urinary Disposables Demand by Product Group 27925 Ostomy Disposables Demand by Product Group 28426 Enema Disposables Demand 287


1 Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Demand by Market 2892 Hospital Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Demandby Product Group 2913 Home Health Care Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS)Demand by Product Group 2954 Outpatient Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Demandby Product Group 2965 Physicians' Office Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS)Demand by Product Group 3016 Nursing Home Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS)Demand by Product Group 3037 Dental Office Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Demandby Product Group 3058 Other Health Care Markets Disposable Medical Supplies(DMS) Demand by Product Group 307


1 US Disposable Medical Supplies (DMS) Sales by Company,2011 3092 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 3193 Selected Cooperative Agreements 321



1 Disposable Medical Supplies Raw Materials Demandby Type, 2011 492 Plastic Resins Demand in Disposable Medical Supplies, 2011 52


1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by ProductGroup, 2011 72


1 Drug Delivery Products Demand by Product Group, 2011 86


1 Disposable Wound Management Supplies by ProductGroup, 2011 136


1 Nonwoven Medical Disposables Demand by ProductGroup, 2011 188


1 Other Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by ProductGroup, 2011 214


1 Disposable Medical Supplies Demand by Market, 2011 290


1 US Disposable Medical Supplies Market Shareby Company, 2011 313

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