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Transdermal Drug Delivery - Technologies, Markets, and Companies

NEW YORK, Jan. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Transdermal Drug Delivery - Technologies, Markets, and Companies

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-Up-to-date one-stop information on transdermal drug delivery

-Description of 126 companies involved and 109 collaborations in this area

-Market analysis 2010-2020/

-Market values in major regions

-Strategies for developing markets for transdermal drug delivery

-A selected bibliography of 200 publications

-Text is supplemented by 18 tables and 10 figures

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-Biotechnology companies developing transdermal technologies

-Drug delivery companies

-Pharmaceutical companies interested in transdermal drug delivery

-Pharmaceutical research institutes


This report deals with transdermal drug delivery - an approach used to deliver drugs through the skin for therapeutic use as an alternative to oral,intravascular, subcutaneous and transmucosal routes. Various transdermal drug delivery technologies are described including the use of suitable formulations, carriers and penetration enhancers. The most commonly used transdermal system is the skin patch using various types of technologies. Nanoparticles as well as the use of physical agents to facilitate transcutaneous drug delivery is described. Microneedle and needleless technologies are also described. Transdermal technologies may be applied for several categories of pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of disorders of the skin or for systemic effect to treat diseases of other organs. Several transdermal products and applications include hormone replacement therapy, contraception, management of pain, angina pectoris, smoking cessation and neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. The market for transdermal drug delivery is analyzed according to technologies and therapeutic areas from 2011 to 2021. This market is analyzed according to geographical regions as well.

Table of Contents

0. Executive Summary 11

1. Basics of Transdermal Drug Delivery 13

Introduction 13

Historical landmarks in transdermal drug delivery 13

Anatomy and physiology of skin 14

Transcutaneous absorption 14

Transdermal versus other methods of drug delivery 14

Advantages of transdermal drug delivery 15

First-Pass Effect 15

Drawbacks of transdermal delivery 15

Factors that influence transdermal drug delivery 15

Events governing transcutaneous absorption 16

Properties of the skin 16

Properties of drugs 17

The role of pH and pharmacokinetics 17

Intradermal disposition of drugs after topical application 18

2. Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies 19

Introduction 19

Local application formulations 20

Crystalline topical formulations 20

Microemulsions for transdermal drug delivery 20

Nanoemulsions for transdermal drug delivery 21

Transdermal gel technology 21

Film forming polymeric solutions 22

Biphasix system 23

Penetration enhancers 23

Chemical enhancers 23

Nitric oxide-based transdermal drug delivery 25

Vesicular transdermal carriers 25

Liposomes 26

Transfersomes 26

Ethosomes 27

Elastic vesicles for transdermal drug delivery 27

Nanovesicles for transdermal drug delivery 28

Transdermal patches 28

Adhesives for transdermal patches 29

Commercial development of transdermal patches 30

Innovations in transdermal patches 31

e-Patch™ controlled release micropump system 31

Patchless Transdermal Delivery System 32

Metered-dose transdermal system 32

Use of physical modalities to facilitate transdermal transport 33

Transdermal electrotransport 33

Electroporation 33

Drug delivery by electroporation 34

Cryoelectrophoresis 35

Iontophoresis 36

Iontophoresis compared with electrophoresis 37

Application of iontophoresis for drug delivery 37

Companies with technologies for drug delivery by iontophoresis 38

Combination of electrophoresis and iontophoresis 39

Dermaportation 39

Radiofrequency-driven transdermal delivery 39

Microporation 40

Transcutaneous drug delivery by electropulsation 40

Companies involved in electroporation-based drug delivery 41

Electrode Scanning System 41

Use of electrostatic force in skin patch technology 41

Multiple Absorption Kinetic System 42

Transdermal drug delivery facilitated by heat 42

Controlled, heat-aided drug delivery 42

Ultrasound 43

Magnetophoresis 45

Use of lasers for transdermal drug delivery 45

Transdermal drug delivery by laser-induced pressure waves 45

Transdermal drug delivery by laser-assisted changes in skin 45

Transdermal delivery by gas under pressure 46

Transdermal delivery with PowderJect gas gun 46

Microscission induced by gas 46

Microneedles and dermal microinjection technologies 47

Microneedle patch 47

Microneedle arrays for drug delivery 48

MicroPyramid™ hollow microneedles 48

Microstructured Transdermal Systems 49

Microneedle Array Patch technology 49

Macroflux microprojections technology 49

Companies developing microneedles for transdermal drug delivery 49

Needlefree injections 50

Glide SDI® solid dose injector 50

Jet injection 50

Mini-Ject needlefree delivery system 51

MicroJet for painless injections 51

Nanoliter-volume pulsed microjets 51

SUMAVEL™ DosePro™ needle-less injection 52

Skin ablation or abrasion for drug delivery 52

Nanotechnology-based transdermal drug delivery 52

Nanoparticles and nanoemulsions for skin disorders 53

Transdermal nanoparticle preparations for systemic effect 53

Nanotechnology-based transdermal vaccination and immunotherapy 54

Delivery of nanostructured drugs from transdermal patches 54

NanoCyte transdermal drug delivery system 54

Effect of mechanical flexion on penetration of bucky balls through the skin 55

Safety issues of applications of nanomaterial carriers on the skin 55

Comparison of transdermal drug delivery systems 55

Role of microelectronics in transdermal drug delivery 56

Transdermal drug design 56

In vitro testing of transdermal drug delivery systems 56

In vivo testing of drug delivery systems 57

Infrared spectroscopy for evaluation of transdermal drug delivery 58

Modeling of transport through the skin 58

Concluding remarks on transdermal drug delivery technologies 59

Future developments in transdermal drug delivery 59

3. Transdermal Therapeutics 61

Introduction 61

Drugs that can be administered transdermally 61

Skin disorders 64

Psoriasis 64

Nanoemulsions for paclitaxel delivery in psoriasis 64

Iontophoresis for treatment of psoriasis 64

Hair loss 64

Cardiovascular disorders 65

Angina pectoris 65

Transdermal drug delivery for hypertension 66

Transdermal beta blockers 66

Transdermal anticoagulants 67

Congestive heart failure 67

Respiratory diseases 67

Asthma 67

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 68

Neurological and psychiatric disorders 68

Parkinson's disease 68

Transdermal drug delivery for Parkinson's disease 69

Transdermal dopamine agonists for Parkinson's disease 69

Rotigotine 70

Transdermal administration of other drugs for Parkinson disease 72

Depression 72

Transdermal selegiline 72

Bipolar disorder 73

Transdermal lithium 73

Restless legs syndrome 73

Alzheimer's disease 73

Transdermal nicotine for Tourette syndrome 74

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 74

Transdermal methylphenidate 74

Migraine 75

Transdermal lidocaine 75

Transdermal sumatriptan 75

Epilepsy 76

Tinnitus/Vertigo 76

Transdermal nitroglycerin for vasospasm due to subarachnoid hemorrhage 76

Musculoskeletal disorders 76

Osteoporosis 76

Transdermal alendronate 77

Transdermal estrogen 77

Transdermal human parathyroid hormone 77

Osteoarthritis 77

Transdermal therapy of diabetes 78

Transdermal insulin delivery in diabetes 78

Transdermal GLP1 agonist 79

Male sexual disorders 79

Erectile dysfunction 79

Topical and transdermal preparation for erectile dysfunction 79

Hypogonadism in the male 80

Topical testosterone 80

Women's health 82

Female sexual arousal disorder 82

Menopause 82

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause 83

Effect of transdermal estradiol on bone density 84

Transdermal PTH for postmenopausal osteoporosis 85

Transdermal testosterone for low libido in postmenopausal women 85

Breast disorders 85

Dysmenorrhea 85

Female infertility 86

Contraception 86

Female contraception 86

Ortho Evra™ 87

BAY86-5016 87

Male contraception 88

Transdermal progestin plus testosterone 88

Cancer 88

Nanoemulsion-based delivery of caffeine for skin cancer 88

Transcutaneous electroporation for anticancer drugs 88

Transdermal drug delivery for prostate cancer 89

Transdermal nitroglycerine for prostate cancer 89

Transdermal estradiol gel for prostate cancer 89

Transdermal drug delivery for breast cancer 90

Afimoxifene topical gel for breast cancer 90

Pain 90

Relief of pain associated with minor medical procedures 90

Transdermal LidodermÒ for postherpectic neuralgia 90

Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs 91

Topical NSAIDs 91

Transdermal ketoprofen 92

Topical opioids 93

Cancer pain 93

Transdermal fentanyl 93

Transdermal nitroglycerine as an adjuvant to opioids 94

Transdermal buprenorphine 95

Chronic pain of non-malignant origin 95

Transdermal local anesthetics 95

Postoperative pain 96

Transdermal fentanyl for the management of postoperative pain 96

Fibromyalgia 96

Nausea and vomiting 96

Motion sickness 96

Postoperative vomiting 97

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting 97

Antiaging strategies 97

Smoking cessation 98

Transdermal nicotine replacement 98

Other methods of nicotine replacement 99

Other treatments for smoking cessation 99

Miscellaneous uses of transdermal drug delivery 99

Chronic fatigue syndrome 99

Topical androgenic steroid therapy 100

Overactive bladder and urinary incontinence 100

Transdermal oxybutynin 100

Viral infections 100

Transdermal nanoparticles for immune enhancement in HIV 101

Transdermal gene therapy 101

Transdermal delivery of plasmid DNA by electroporation 102

Transdermal antisense therapy 102

Transdermal vaccination 103

The skin as an immune organ 103

Technologies for transdermal vaccination 103

Dermal microinjection technology for delivery of vaccines 103

Electroporation for administering DNA vaccines 103

Intradermal delivery of cancer vaccines by adenoviral vectors 104

Needle free delivery of vaccines 104

Transcutaneous immunization 105

Applications of transdermal vaccination 105

HIV/AIDS vaccination by topical application 105

Transdermal DNA influenza vaccine 106

Transdermal Ab vaccination for Alzheimer's disease 106

Transdermal vaccination for traveller's diarrhoea 106

Transdermal neutraceuticals 107

Complications of transdermal therapy 107

Adverse effects of drugs 107

Overdose effect 108

Skin complications 108

4. Markets for Transdermal Drug Delivery 109

Introduction 109

Global markets for drug delivery 109

Geographical distribution of transdermal drug delivery markets 110

Emerging transdermal drug delivery markets in Asia 110

Transdermal technology markets in therapeutic areas 110

Angina pectoris 111

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 111

Erectile dysfunction 111

Hypertension 112

Pain therapeutics 112

Parkinson's disease 112

Smoking cessation 112

Transdermal hormone replacement therapy for menopause 112

Transdermal testosterone replacement therapy for hypogonadism in the male 113

Transdermal contraceptive market 113

Markets according to transdermal technologies 113

Marketing strategies for transdermal drug delivery 114

Marketing advantages of transdermal drug delivery 114

Unmet needs in transdermal drug delivery 115

Future prospects of transdermal drug delivery 116

Prospects of transdermal delivery for drugs coming off patents 116

Transdermal delivery of cosmetics 117

5. Companies involved in transdermal drug delivery 119

Profiles of companies 119

1-800-Patches Inc 119

3M Drug Delivery Systems 120

Abbott Laboratories 122

Abeille Pharmaceuticals Inc 123

Acino AG 124

Acrux Ltd 125

Aderis Pharmaceuticals 127

Adherex Technologies Inc 128

Agile Therapeutics Inc 129

AllTranz Inc 130

AlphaRx Inc 131

Altea Therapeutics 132

ALZA 133

Amarin Technologies SA 134

Anesiva Inc 135

An-eX Analytical Services Ltd 136

Antares Pharma Inc 137

Apricus Biosciences Inc 139

Ascend Therapeutics Inc 141

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc 142

Bayer Pharma AG 143

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 144

Bentley Pharmaceuticals Inc 145

BHR Pharma LLC 146

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc 147

Biovail Corporation 148

Biovalve Technologies Inc 149

Birch Point Medical 150

Cellegy Pharmaceuticals Inc 151

Celtic Pharma Management LP 152

Cerimon Pharmaceuticals Inc 153

Chrono Therapeutics Inc 154

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc 155

Connetics Australia Pty Ltd 156

Connetics Corporation 157

Corium International Inc 158

Crospon Ltd 159

Cyto Pulse Sciences Inc 160

DBV Technologies 161

Dermatrends Inc 162

Dharma Therapeutics Inc 163

Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences 164

DURECT Corporation 165

Echo Therapeutics 166

Elan Corporation Plc 167

Embil Pharmaceuticals 168

Empi 169

Encapsulation Systems Inc 170

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc 171

EpiCept Corporation 172

ESBA Laboratories Inc 173

Genesis Medical Ltd 174

GlaxoSmithKline 175

Gruenenthal GmbH 176

Helix BioPharma Corporation 177

Hexal AG 178

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co Inc 179

Ichor Medical Systems Inc 180


IGI Inc 182

ImaRx Therapeutics Inc 183

Inovio Biomedical Corporation 184

Intercell AG 185

Interstitial NS 186

Iomed Inc 187

Janisys Ltd 188

Johnson & Johnson 189

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre SA 190

Labtec GmbH 191

Lacer SA 192

LAM Pharmaceutical Corp 193

Lavipharm Corporation 194

LecTec Corporation 195

LOHMANN Therapie-Systeme AG 196

MedPharm Ltd 197

Merck KG aA 198

MIKA Pharma GmbH 199

Mylan Laboratories Inc 200

NanoCyte Inc 201

NanoPass Technologies Ltd 202

Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd 203

NB Therapeutics Inc 204

Nemaura Pharma Limited 205

NeurogesX Inc 206

Nitto Denko Corporation 207

NOF Corporation 209

Nometics Inc 210

Norwood Abbey Limited 211

Novagali Pharma SA 212

Novartis 213

Novavax Inc 214

Novel Therapeutic Technologies Ltd 215

Noven Pharmaceutical Inc 216

NuPathe Inc 218

Nuvo Research Inc 219

OBJ Ltd 220

Optimags GmbH 221

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group 222

Phosphagenics Ltd 223

Polytherapeutics Inc 224

PowderMed Ltd 225

Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Inc 226

ProEthic Pharmaceuticals Inc 227

ProStrakan Group plc 228

pSivida Corporation 229

Purdue Pharma LP 230

Rottapharm 231

Schering-Plough Corporation 232

Somerset Pharmaceutical 233

Strategic Science & Technologies Inc 234

Teikoku Pharma USA Inc 235

Ther-Rx Corporation 236

Transcu Ltd 237

Transdel Pharmaceuticals Inc 238

TransDerm Inc 239

TransDermal Technologies Inc 240

TransDermics Ltd 241

TransPharma Medical Ltd 242

UCB Pharma 244

United Pharmaceuticals 245

Vaso Active Pharmaceuticals 246

Vaxin Inc 247

Vyteris Inc 248

Watson Pharmaceuticals 249

Zars Inc 250

Zosano Pharma Inc 251

Collaborations 252

6. References 257


Table 1?1: Historical landmarks in the development of transdermal drug delivery 13

Table 1?2: Transdermal vs oral and intravenous drug delivery 15

Table 2?1: Technologies for transdermal drug delivery 19

Table 2?2: Chemical enhancers of skin penetration 24

Table 2?3: Drug-in-adhesive versus reservoir type of transdermal patch 29

Table 2?4: Companies developing transdermal patches for drug delivery 30

Table 2?5: Companies with technologies for drug delivery by iontophoresis 38

Table 2?6: Companies involved in electroporation-based drug delivery 41

Table 2?7: Companies developing microneedles for transdermal drug delivery 50

Table 2?8: Comparison of transdermal drug delivery systems 56

Table 3?1: Approved transdermal products 61

Table 3?2: Transdermal drugs in clinical trials or approval process 63

Table 4?1: Worldwide drug delivery market growth 2011 to 2021 109

Table 4?2: Transdermal drug delivery markets for geographical regions 2011 to 2021 110

Table 4?3: Potential therapeutic markets for transdermal products 2011-2021 111

Table 4?4: Markets according to transdermal technologies 113

Table 4?5: Marketing strategies based on transdermal drug delivery technologies 114

Table 5?1: Collaborations in transdermal drug delivery 252


Figure 1?1: Basic structure of the skin 14

Figure 1?2: Events governing transcutaneous drug absorption 17

Figure 2?1: Basic structure and function of transdermal drug delivery systems 29

Figure 2?2: A schematic view of electroporation 34

Figure 2?3: Depiction of breakdown of the stratum corneum during electroporation 35

Figure 2?4: A schematic drawing of Iontophoresis 36

Figure 2?5: SonoPrep ultrasonic skin permeation 44

Figure 2?6: A schematic drawing of the microneedle patch 47

Figure 3?1: Oral versus transdermal administration of a drug in Parkinson's disease 71

Figure 4?1: Unmet needs in transdermal drug delivery 116

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