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Procyon P3000 Binocular Pupillometer

ProductsProcyon P3000 Binocular Pupillometer
Company Procyon Instruments
Item Procyon P3000 Binocular Pupillometer
Features Binocular pupillometry under controlled, standardised conditions of illumination and accommodation

  • Available with SA (5Hz) or D (25Hz) specification
  • 3 illumination levels: Scotopic (0.04 lux), Mesopic Low (0.4 lux) Mesopic high (4.0 lux) + Off
  • Regulatory: CE, FDA listed
  • Magnification: fixed
  • Accuracy +/-3%
  • Spatial resolution < 0.05mm
  • Means, 95% confidence intervals, range, standard error on all measurements
  • Typical acquisition (SA) = 10 frames at 5 Hz
  • Same digital imaging system as benchmark, well proven P2000 series
  • Improved handling and patient comfort
  • Single, wide field of view stimulus - adaptation - accommodation (20(h) degrees x 16(v) degrees)
  • Controlled, standardised illumination
  • Customisable accommodation targets
  • New software with graticule overlay for improved patient counseling
  • Extra hygenic - replaceable paper towellette system fits over eyepiece
  • Optional variable distance accommodation point
Description The P3000 heralds a new concept in pupillometry, designed around the highly acclaimed and bench-marked binocular infrared optical system developed for the P2000. We have now defined a new gold standard in which we have paid particular attention to the visual illumination and accommodation system.

Our new system is extremely flexible, allowing you to elicit and measure both the pupil-light and pupil-accomodation reflexes. Saccadic eye-movements can also be captured and measured while the patient reads a block of text. Different targets can be viewed by the patient as their pupils are measured binocularly, simaltaneously and dynamically. New features will be invaluable to refractive surgeons, who need to measure the pupil with high precision under various visual conditions. The Procyon P3000 will also be a useful tool for other clinical specialty areas such as clinical- and psycho- pharmacology, neuro-ophthalmology and psychology.

  • Improved handling and patient comfort: The new face-rest has been designed to provide excellent ambient light occlusion. Made from reticulated polyurethane memory foam, as used in Formula One helmets and driver padding, the mask is not only extrememly comfortable but also completley light-tight.
  • Hygienic: A custom-made disposable paper towellette system designed to fit over the foam like a jacket, ensures high standards of cleanliness are maintained.
  • Variable distance fixation point: An optional movable fixation point is included which can be used to elicit the pupillary accommodation reflex. Invaluable in neuro-opthalmology and in clinical pharmacology to assess various clinical lesions and drug effects.
  • Single, wide field of view, customisable optical target: The optical target can be customised to be anything from a block of text (invaluable for measuring saccadic eye movements as the patient reads), to a favorite picture of your own.
  • Controlled standardised illumination levels: This is one of the original features in the P2000 Series. Three levels of illumination are provided: Scotopic, Low Mesopic and High Mesopic, together with complete darkness.
  • Graticule Overlay: Another invaluable feature included in the Procyon P3000 software release is the Graticlule Overlay facility. This is helpful during patient counseling to demonstrate the relative sizes of the optical treatment zone and the scotopic pupil.
Info Procyon Instruments
Customer Service: 44 (0) 1 600 750 609
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