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ENDOPATH Xcel Bladeless Trocars

ProductsENDOPATH Xcel Bladeless Trocars
Company Ethicon, Inc.
Item ENDOPATH Xcel Bladeless Trocars
  • Minimized patient trauma: Designed to protect abdominal wall tissues and vessels from trauma.
  • Simplified closure: Post-procedure fascial suturing may not be routinely required.
  • Direct visualization: Optical tip eliminates blind entry by enabling visualization of tissue layers during insertion.
  • Increased abdominal wall fixation: Minimal tissue trauma means tissue fibers maintain natural resiliency, tightly holding cannula in place.
  • Every part works together.
  • Ergonomic Housing means more surface area of the trocar housing is in contact with the surgeons hand, which provides more control during the insertion of the trocar.
  • Color-Coded Symbol indicates blade type and trocar size. This simple visual cue allows the surgical team to quickly identify each trocar.
  • Universal Seal ends the need for reducer caps, allowing a wide-range of instrument sizes to be passed through the trocar. This design also creates less drag and maintains constant insufflation.
  • Duckbill Seal replaces the flapper valve, which facilitates the removal of specimens and ensures constant insufflation whenever an instrument is not in the trocar.
  • Recessed Stopcock Valve minimizes inadvertent opening/closing of the valve during surgery, reducing overall procedure time.
  • Low-Profile Housing enables further instrument reach since the top of the trocar is closer to the abdominal wall. This reduces the need to stabilize the trocar, facilitating one-handed insertion/removal of instruments.
  • Funnel Lead-In at the entrance to the housing allows for one-handed instrument exchange since the housing directs the end of the instrument into the housing/cannula.
  • New Stability Thread Design provides greater fixation to the abdominal wall.
  • Description At Ethicon Endo-Surgery, we believe that the trocar should be a seamless part of any procedure, facilitating instrument precision and speeding the process. So we spent over three years designing a trocar that meets the needs of the most demanding surgeons.

    Introducing the ENDOPATH Xcel - The only trocar that affords the surgeon unencumbered, hassle-free, laparoscopic access.

    The ENDOPATH XCEL Bladeless Trocar has applications in abdominal, thoracic, and gynecologic minimally invasive procedures to establish a path of entry for Endoscopic instruments. The trocar may be used with or without visualization for primary and secondary insertions.

    This is what a trocar should be: an access device with a more durable seal that ensures constant insufflation. An access device that enables one-handed instrument exchange, and reduces hang-ups. An access device that increases abdominal wall fixation by 89%and offers better tactile sensation.

    With a simple twisting motion, combined with downward pressure, the bladeless tip separates tissue, rather than cutting it. The result: a smaller fascial defect, and less trauma to the abdominal wall and vessel.
    Info Ethicon, Inc.
    Customer Service: (800) 4-ETHICON
    Web site:

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