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Trojan(R) Ranks U.S. Colleges and Universities in Second Annual Sexual Health Report Card

University of Minnesota Ranked No. 1 Ivy League Most Sexually Healthy

Conference Majority of Students Polled Think Health Centers Need to Improve their


PRINCETON, N.J., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of Trojan brand condoms today released their 2007 Sexual Health Report Card, the second annual ranking of sexual health resources at American colleges and universities. The study, conducted by Sperling's BestPlaces on behalf of Trojan, finds a lack of access to information and resources may prevent some students from being sexually healthy.

This year's report card arrives in the wake of Trojan's "Evolve" campaign (, a multimedia effort aimed at redefining the national dialogue on sexual health with an emphasis on responsible behavior and partners' respect for one another.

In total, 139 colleges and universities representing each state and major NCAA Division I athletic conference were reviewed. Placing first and second, the University of Minnesota and University of Wyoming demonstrated "well- evolved" sexual health programs and were the most sexually healthy schools according to the study. While Ohio State and the University of Florida may have recently triumphed in sports, the Trojan Report Card indicates their sexual health programs have room to improve, as OSU and UF ranked 26th and 43rd, respectively.

Researchers polled student health centers and reviewed their websites to assign a grade point average (GPA) for sexual health resources across 11 separate categories:

-- Sexual health awareness programs

-- Condom & contraception availability

-- HIV testing

-- Other Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing

-- Student health center hours of operation

-- Drop-in vs. appointment-based service

-- Navigability and usability of Web Summit League Indiana University-

Purdue University-Indianapolis 2.32

107 MAC University of Akron 2.32

108 Sun Belt University of North Texas 2.32

109 99 Big East University of Notre Dame 2.27

110 Sun Belt University of New Orleans 2.27

111 C-USA University of Houston 2.27

112 Independents Utah Valley State College 2.23

113 84 Big East Marquette University 2.18

114 Mountain West U.S. Air Force Academy 2.18

115 80 Big East Georgetown University 2.09

116 27 Big East University of Cincinnati 2.09

117 MAC Northern Illinois University 2.09

118 64 SEC Auburn University 2.00

119 WAC California State University-

Fresno 2.00

120 ACC Boston College 1.91

121 100 Mountain West Brigham Young University 1.91

122 Big East DePaul University 1.91

123 Independents Chicago State University 1.86

124 Independents University of Texas-Pan

American 1.86

125 81 SEC University of Mississippi 1.82

126 WAC University of Idaho 1.82

127 94 Big 12 Texas Tech University 1.82

128 SEC Vanderbilt University 1.73

129 C-USA Marshall University 1.68

130 Independents Savannah State University 1.64

131 Sun Belt Middle Tennessee State

University 1.55

132 Big East St. John's University 1.55

133 C-USA University of Central Florida 1.45

134 Big 12 Baylor University 1.45

135 Big East Villanova University 1.45

136 Sun Belt University of Arkansas at

Little Rock 1.36

137 Sun Belt Arkansas State University 1.14

138 Sun Belt University of Louisiana at

Monroe 0.91

139 WAC Louisiana Tech University 0.82

Contacts: Michael Bruno Melle Hock

Edelman Edelman

212-704-8232 212-642-7793

-based sexual health information

-- Anonymous advice / newspaper columns

-- Lecture outreach programs

-- Student peer groups

-- Sexual assault programs

With a significantly expanded scope including more judging categories, more schools, and broader data collection methods like live health center interviews, Web reviews and student polls, the 2007 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card tells a different story from last year.

The University of Minnesota was the surprise standout, moving up to number one this year, from 54 last year. The University of Wyoming claimed second place, up from number 92. According to the report, both schools improved dramatically, making major enhancements to sexual health resources offered to students.

Availability of anonymous advice, free contraception including condom distribution, and separate sexual awareness programs were the biggest factors in differentiating the top ranked schools from the rest.

"We were quite surprised and gratified by our findings," said Bert Sperling, president of Sperling's BestPlaces, an independent research firm based in Portland. "The top-ranking schools made significant improvements to their programming-due in part, we hope, to last year's study results -- and they deserve to be commended."

While only one Ivy League school cracked the top ten (Harvard, No. 10), all schools in the league placed in the top 40, posting the highest conference-wide GPA of 3.28 combined. Conversely, four schools in the Sun Belt conference fell into the bottom 10 (University of Louisiana, No. 138; Arkansas State University, No. 137; University of Arkansas, No. 136; Middle Tennessee State University, No. 131). No schools in this conference made it into the top 20 and the overall conference GPA was 2.23.

Yale University, which topped the rankings in 2006, came in at number 16 this year. Access to sexual health information and resources, including the schools annual Sex Week at Yale (SWAY), continue to be highly rated; however, the school's lower ranking is a result of the expanded categories and schools considered. The 2007 Sexual Health Report Card examined 139 schools, nearly 50 percent more than last year, and judged several categories not taken into consideration last year, resulting in different rankings.

Highest- and Lowest-Ranked Schools

1. University of Minnesota (GPA 3.91)

2. University of Wyoming (GPA 3.91)

3. University of Washington (GPA 3.73)

4. Rutgers University (GPA 3.68)

5. Purdue University (GPA 3.64)

135. Villanova University (GPA 1.45)

136. University of Arkansas (GPA 1.36)

137. Arkansas State University (GPA 1.14)

138. University of Louisiana (GPA 0.91)

139. Louisiana Tech University (GPA 0.82)

For the first time, researchers allowed students to weigh in with an online survey that generated more than 3,300 responses. This opinion poll did not factor into the rankings, but does point to the opportunity for health centers on campus to evolve how they meet the needs of their students.

While 66 percent said their health centers are "doing a good job," 32 percent of respondents said they would not consider contacting their student health center for health concerns and 53 percent agreed their centers could improve overall.

"The fact is, college students are at serious risk for STIs and unplanned pregnancies," said Jim Daniels, vice president of marketing, Trojan brand condoms. "It's time to evolve the way we address the realities of sexual health and provide students with the practical resources they need to protect themselves. The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card helps students and their schools celebrate areas of excellence and focus on opportunities to improve."

Information was gathered over an eight-week period beginning in the spring of 2007, and was collected via live student health center phone interviews. This data was then corroborated through visits to student health center Web sites.

About The 2007 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card

One-hundred-thirty-nine colleges and universities were selected to be included in the survey, up from 100 last year with every state represented by at least one school. The schools were chosen for their size and general level of familiarity to the public. Information was gathered over the course of three months -- April to June 2007. The students of each school participated in a poll to judge their opinions of their school's student health services regarding matters of sexual health and awareness. Each school's student health center was contacted via telephone and email to participate in a brief poll regarding the center's services. Each school received a score of 1-10 in each of 11 criteria, and then each of the numeric scores was converted into a letter grade, from which a score was calculated for each in the same manner a student's grade point average is computed. Criteria included: Student health center hours of operation, drop-in vs. appointment based service, sexual health awareness programs, contraception availability, HIV testing, other STI testing, anonymous advice / newspaper columns, lecture outreach programs, student peer groups, sexual assault programs and navigability and usability of website. In the event of a tie, schools with the lowest individual category score were ranked below those with higher individual scores. For example, a school with a C as a lowest of the 11 grades would rank above a school with a D or F in one of its categories. In the event of a further tie, the winner was determined by the best score in its web site.


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New 2006 Conference COLLEGE NAME Overall

Ranking ranking GPA

1 54 Big 10 University of Minnesota 3.91

2 92 Mountain West University of Wyoming 3.91

3 57 PAC 10 University of Washington 3.73

4 13 Big East Rutgers University 3.68

5 59 Big 10 Purdue University 3.64

6 11 SEC University of South Carolina 3.64

7 MAC Western Michigan University 3.64

8 26 Big 12 University of Nebraska 3.64

9 C-USA East Carolina University 3.59

10 43 Ivy League Harvard University 3.55

11 Ivy League University of Pennsylvania 3.55

12 Ivy League Columbia University 3.45

13 30 SEC Louisiana State University A&M 3.45

14 21 Big 10 University of Wisconsin 3.36

15 77 PAC 10 University of Oregon 3.36

16 1 Ivy League Yale University 3.36

17 5 PAC 10 Oregon State University 3.36

18 ACC Georgia Institute of Technology 3.36

19 15 Big 10 Pennsylvania State University 3.36

20 MAC Central Michigan University 3.32

21 2 Big 10 University of Iowa 3.27

22 Sun Belt Florida Atlantic University 3.27

23 3 Big 10 University of Michigan 3.27

24 8 ACC Duke University 3.27

25 63 Ivy League Dartmouth College 3.18

26 9 Big 10 Ohio State University 3.18

27 32 Big 12 University of Colorado 3.18

28 62 PAC 10 Washington State University 3.18

29 10 Big 10 University of Illinois at

Urbana-Champaign 3.18

30 MAC Ohio University 3.18

31 17 PAC 10 University of Arizona 3.18

32 29 PAC 10 University of Southern

California 3.18

33 31 C-USA University of Southern

Mississippi 3.14

34 6 Ivy League Princeton University 3.14

35 C-USA Tulane University 3.14

36 ACC Wake Forest University 3.14

37 41 ACC University of Virginia 3.09

38 40 PAC 10 University of California-

Berkeley 3.09

39 44 Ivy League Brown University 3.09

40 Big East University of South Florida 3.09

41 4 PAC 10 Stanford University 3.09

42 Big 10 Northwestern University 3.09

43 49 SEC University of Florida 3.09

44 60 Big 12 Kansas State University 3.09

45 79 Big 12 University of Kansas 3.05

46 25 SEC University of Georgia 3.05

47 56 Big 10 Indiana University 3.05

48 Mountain West San Diego State University 3.05

49 Sun Belt University of South Alabama 3.05

50 55 ACC University of Miami 3.05

51 23 Mountain West Colorado State University 3.00

52 48 WAC Boise State University 3.00

53 53 Big 12 University of Texas at Austin 3.00

54 WAC San Jose State University 3.00

55 MAC Miami University 3.00

56 61 ACC University of Maryland 2.95

57 C-USA University of Tulsa 2.95

58 MAC Kent State University 2.95

59 37 ACC North Carolina State University 2.95

60 20 Big East Syracuse University 2.91

61 42 Big 12 University of Missouri 2.91

62 MAC Ball State University 2.91

63 Ivy League Cornell University 2.91

64 46 ACC Virginia Polytechnic Institute 2.91

65 97 Big 12 Oklahoma State University 2.91

66 65 Big East University of Pittsburgh 2.91

67 MAC Eastern Michigan University 2.86

68 45 WAC University of Hawaii 2.86

69 67 Big East West Virginia University 2.82

70 69 Big 12 Iowa State University 2.82

71 83 ACC Florida State University 2.77

72 Big East Seton Hall University 2.77

73 Sun Belt University of Denver 2.73

74 96 C-USA University of Memphis 2.73

75 34 Big 10 Michigan State University 2.73

76 98 Mountain West University of Utah 2.73

77 76 SEC University of Arkansas 2.73

78 86 Mountain West University of New Mexico 2.73

79 Sun Belt Western Kentucky University 2.73

80 71 SEC University of Alabama 2.73

81 68 PAC 10 University of California-

Los Angeles 2.64

82 95 ACC Clemson University 2.64

83 93 Big East University of Louisville 2.64

84 WAC Utah State University 2.64

85 78 Mountain West Texas Christian University 2.64

86 52 MAC SUNY Buffalo 2.64

87 50 Big East University of Connecticut 2.64

88 Sun Belt Florida International

University 2.64

89 28 SEC University of Kentucky 2.59

90 39 Big 12 Texas A&M University 2.55

91 70 PAC 10 Arizona State University 2.55

92 C-USA University of Texas at El Paso 2.55

93 Sun Belt University of Louisiana at

Lafayette 2.55

94 Sun Belt Troy State University 2.50

95 19 Mountain West University of Nevada-Las Vegas 2.50

96 36 Big 12 University of Oklahoma 2.45

97 74 SEC Mississippi State University 2.41

98 MAC University of Toledo 2.41

99 47 WAC New Mexico State University 2.41

100 MAC Bowling Green State University 2.41

101 C-USA Rice University 2.36

102 14 ACC University of North Carolina 2.36

103 Big East Providence College 2.36

104 88 SEC University of Tennessee 2.36

105 C-USA Southern Methodist University 2.36


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