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The American Medical Money Machine, the Destruction of Healthcare in America and the Rise of Medical Tourism, a New Book by James R. Goldberg

Homonculus Press, Mexico City, announces the publication of The American Medical Money Machine, Goldberg's extensive investigation of his son's suspicious death revealed two sets of parties of interest: A complaint against the first party for his son's death was filed by Goldberg in Bangkok 24 Feb 2006 at the Lumpini Police Station against Bumrungrad International Hospital and now under police investigation. (The Complaint number is 1484/2549.) According to Goldberg, the second party of interest is the U.S.Healthcare insurance and medical industry cartel who are actively beginning to export U.S. patients overseas for cheaper and unregulated medical procedures as a part of their private and Medicare insurance coverage. According to the author, "the book reveals collusion between the U.S. Government and the Healthcare Industry Cartel who will feast while patients suffer and doctors starve. Little known facts are revealed in this new work which include astounding revelations concerning international organ trafficking and the Medical Tourism Industry. The book examines all these topics in microscopic detail" the author stated.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 22, 2009 -- James R. Goldberg has spent three years investigating hidden corruption in the healthcare industry. This information has been deliberately been secreted from the public by the U.S. Government and the all powerful healthcare insurance cartel" stated its author, James R. Goldberg

The American Medical Money Machine is a 400 page non-fiction book which takes a bold and courageous examination of a healthcare system and a country gone terribly wrong according to Homonculus's publisher Maria Cuevas.

Goldberg expressed concerns "that before the politicians destroy the delivery of real medical care beyond rescue, The American Medical Money Machine is a must read for every citizen concerned with real medical care."

This thoroughly researched book examines SEC documents, corporate announcements and press releases, publications by the Department of Justice , world-wide news and numerous academic research studies. The American Medical Money Machine reveals Goldberg's assessments of the secret dealings of the healthcare system and its collusion with the United States Government.

Goldberg discovered the healthcare fraud puzzle by doggedly investigating the death of his son, Joshua, who Goldberg says, died under mysterious and unexplained circumstances at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, an American Accredited Hospital. Goldberg believes that Bumrungrad may have intended to harvest the organs of his son-a situation reported in the Thai press at many other Thai hospitals. The book examines Goldberg's research and opinions regarding these important topics.

The American Medical Money Machine according to author, Goldberg, "may turn out to be the mother of all battles fought out on the front porches of America."

"It is time that the public came to understand why they are frightened: the scandal of greed and corruption has gripped the United States of America, yet people perceive that this is an accounting battle which can be won by undertreating or mistreating patients and starving doctors!" Goldberg propounded.

Among key issues examined ïn the American Medical Money Machine by James R. Goldberg are:

  • Annual Healthcare System Fraud exceeds the Entire Yearly Budget of the Pentagon.
  • Obama's "team" driven by such lobbyist players as Tom Daschle are literally setting a feast fit for a king at the expense of a nation.
  • The AARP is a Marketing Facade for UnitedHealthcare Group.
  • The US Healthcare Industry has been Investing in Foreign Hospitals for Over 20 Years-Now They Intend to Export American Patients for Cheaper, Unregulated Care.
  • As benefits for patients and payments to doctors have plummeted, the insurance companies have never been as profitable-the DOJ estimates over $600 Billiion is stolen annually.
  • The Joint Commission Which Accredits Hospitals in the U.S. now Illegally Accredits Foreign Hospitals in Order That They Quality for Medicare and Private Industry Reimbursement.
  • Human Organ Trafficking is Tied to Medical Tourist Destinations.
  • The "Healthcare system in the United States has nothing to do with successful medical outcomes.
  • Healthcare is measured by billing events. Medical care is measured by healing and what is best for the patient. This simple distinction has been muddied and distorted-deliberately. The result is Starving Doctors and Short Changed Patients!
  • Since1965, has seen the U.S. fall from the 1st in the world for medical care to 40th and dropping quickly (World Health Organization 2002 Study).
  • The elimination of bribery, fraud and corruption would relieve the majority of the imagined financial failure of the current healthcare syndicate."

The American medical system is in ruins; yet the responsibility for "who did it" appears, to most, illusive, Goldberg exclaimed vigorously.

"It is little understood that major health insurance pharmaceutical and hospital industry corporations and government have maintained a cozy and collusive relationship since Medicare was enacted in 1965" Goldberg's book examines the intricate details of this collusion with factual statements and authoratative citations.

Goldberg is concerned that The promise of the new government/industry programs will only increase fraud while denying patients access to quality medical care.""

The American Medical Money Machine proclaims, that industry and government left unchecked, only promises to get worse; much worse.

James R. Goldberg,the author said that "While Washington slogs through the quagmire of healthcare reform, they appear to be going through the agonizing motions and efforts of solving the wrong problem."

Working hard to solve the wrong problem is NOT an accident. It is the result of hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the healthcare industrial complex to keep in motion the biggest heist in recorded history." Goldberg explained that this is a matter of record.

"Our elected officials are paid handsomely to work hard to satisfy the agendas of the healthcare industry, not patients. They are solving business problems, not medical ones," Goldberg propounded.

"Industry and government don't want us to know who they are and how they operate. That would blow their cover and expose their scam." The American Medical Money Machine examines the nature of the covert cooperation between industry and governemt, according to it's author.

The health syndicate wants to hold tight the reins of power and money where even more billions will be put in the hands of the health industry to steal." Goldberg documents statistics and authorities which examine the details of the extent of this alleged fraud.

Goldberg said that "This is a terrible fraud, a contrivance and a stick up."

Cost containment, not medical care is their battle cry!"

"The American Medical Money Machine will be available electronically on November 1, 2009 is published by Homunculus Press , a specialized political and current issues publisher based in Mexico City.

Goldberg explained that "American people and the world must know the extent of fraud in order to stave off the next wave of larceny."

Goldberg went on to say that "In conjunction with the covert and secret Joint Commission, which accredits hospitals in the U.S., foreign hospitals are buying accreditation in order to gain legitimacy and qualify for American government and private insurance reimbursement.

American hospitals and insurance organizations have been quietly funding for years offshore operations which they own, control or with whom they have partnered."

Goldberg states that "Medical Tourism is also tied to the business of black market international organ trafficking.The degree of organ trafficking and "donor" rings in South East Asia are meticulously examined in Goldberg's Chapter on Organ Trafficking." The American Medical Money Machine took over 3 years to write and investigate at a cost well exceeding $1 million dollars.

In the book, Goldberg proposes the absolute need for international treaties and legal oversight.

The American Medical Money Machine, available 1 Nov 2009 opens doors previously shut to the public. For further information and ordering contact info at and visit and

Advance Electronic Press and review copies are available upon request.

Contact 415 877 4280 or info(at) for interviews, speaking engagements and television appearances.


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