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Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC Warns the Public that is Not Independent and Labels the 'CL Seal of Approval' a Worthless, Paid-For Advertising Gimmick

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC is publicly disputing, LLC's (CL) claims that they are a "leading provider of independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness, and nutrition products," chiefly objecting to's self-portrayal of being independent, and is warning consumers that it believes that the "CL Seal of Approval" is nothing more than an advertising gimmick.

"I simply don't believe the repeated advertising and editorial assertions of that it is independent," says James DiGeorgia, CEO of Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC. "In my opinion,'s representation that it is an independent consumer advocate is a fraudulent, deceptive and unfair practice constructed specifically to mislead consumers."

Renaissance Health believes that consumers are being duped by in a number of ways:

-- The very name is misleading, as they are not a lab

-- refuses to open their records of who has paid for (and

passed and failed) testing for the "CL Seal of Approval"

-- issues sensationalized "name and shame" releases,

without checking for current formulations and without clearly

disclosing associations with companies that have paid for advertising

and their services

-- is not independent, as they charge consumers for their

"impartial" reports, while at the same time accepting advertising

revenue from companies they test

"The very name of the company chosen by its owners is deceptive. They are not a lab and outsource testing to commercial labs and charge up to eight times what other commercial labs charge. If the contents of the tested product match the label you get a report and the use of their CL Seal of Approval," says DiGeorgia.

Renaissance Health has repeatedly asked that open their records for inspection.

" should have to show how many companies and individuals have submitted products under its voluntary review program for a CL Seal of Approval-and paid the $3,000 to $4,000 they charge-and see how many of these products did and didn't eventually pass," says DiGeorgia.

" tested our old formulation of Revatrol that hasn't been available for more than nine months. What reputable testing agency would test such an old, out-of-date product, without double-checking to ensure they're testing the current product?" asks an exasperated DiGeorgia.

When was made aware of the fact that they tested a discontinued formulation, they asked Renaissance Health to pay a sizeable fee to test the current product.

"They had the audacity to ask us to pay $3,000 to $4,000 to test the current formulation - the very formulation they should have tested from the start; the formulation that had been on the market for more than nine months at the time of their testing.

"We had the current formulation of Revatrol recently tested by a commercial laboratory not affiliated with our manufacturer. And we quickly discovered that not only does our formulation include everything claimed on the label and in the advertising, but we give our customers much more of the Trans-Resveratrol, Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Quercetin than what's promised.

"Best of all our formulation gives our customers a 95% OPC. Thus, despite the fact that our product has more of everything we claim and is by far the most complete formulation, Revatrol won't ever receive a 'CL Seal of Approval' because we won't pay," says DiGeorgia.

Renaissance Health also says that claims of independence by are compromised by its revenue model.

"I believe that any company that both charges consumers for its ratings and sells advertising to the parent companies of the products they are currently testing or may test in the future is NOT independent, and we're not the first to recognize this farce," suggests DiGeorgia.

DiGeorgia points to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), who, in 2005, asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate for deceptive business practices as one such example.

CRN pointed out that in the very letter sent to the FTC in an attempt to defend its business, "admits to the very business practices about which we are complaining, but in a manner so oblique that only those of us who fully understand the ConsumerLab business plan will comprehend the admission," reports DiGeorgia.

Additionally, in August 2006, Marc Ullman, a New York City attorney and who also manages FYI Newsletter, which highlights legal and regulatory issues concerning the Natural Product Industry, wrote:

"Since its inception, has succeeded in presenting itself

to the mainstream media as an impartial watchdog of the dietary

supplement industry. It has managed to accomplish this despite the

fundamentally flawed nature of its basic business plan -

solicits money from both the industry it purports to police and the

consumers it purports to protect. (Not to mention that it is not a lab


" has now taken the conflict of interest one step further, and we believe has completely exposed the absurdity of its claim to independence," says Michael London, general manager of Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC.

"They're currently allowing a competitor of ours to advertise on the website. And by allowing a link back to the competitor's Web site is allowing this competitor-who we have been in litigation with for more than a year-to use the misleading and out-of-date study of our product to deceive consumers."

Renaissance Health believes that is being punitive, and has allowed its competitor to take advantage of a misleading report because Renaissance Health has asked extremely tough credibility questions of publicly, which they have yet to answer. Those questions include:

-- Question 1: Is really a lab or does the company ALWAYS

contract outside labs to conduct product testing?

-- Question 2: Will please make public all monies received

from all companies and persons connected with any and all products they

have tested?

-- Question 3: Why is a for-profit company instead of a


Renaissance Health has stated that it will not allow or its competitor to get away with misleading the public, and that it plans on continuing to exercise its legal rights to try and put an end to this type of abuse of the consumer trust.

Renaissance Health's Revatrol product is so strong that its principal competitor simply can't compete. The competitor has been discounting its product (selling 12 for the price of eight) while Renaissance Health can't manufacture Revatrol fast enough to keep up with the growing demand.

"They make two big claims about their product, both of which are based on flawed logic," says DiGeorgia.

The competitor claims a shelf-life of more than two (2) years and that a special capsule makes that long shelf-life possible.

"Anyone taking supplements should stick with fresh product. We can't make Revatrol fast enough to keep our supply more than 90 days-and we're ordering in batches of 50,000 units at a time! Who cares about the capsule, when you should be taking a fresh supplement," says DiGeorgia.

"The proof is in the numbers: we keep selling out our inventory," says Michael London operations manager of Renaissance Health. "Our sales continue to grow as tens of thousands of eager buyers are inundating us with orders and re-orders. The good guys are winning and it's making the competition crazy. Our testing proves that Revatrol delivers much more than our competitor, for the same money or less."

Renaissance Health says any competitor is welcome to what they and the other professionals in the Health Supplement and Vitamin Industry consider a worthless Seal of Approval.

"Boasting about a quality seal that you pay for as being a reason to buy our competitor's product smacks of pure desperation," concludes DiGeorgia.

For more information on Revatrol and its potent benefits, please visit or call our knowledgeable representatives at 1-866-482-6678.

SOURCE Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC
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