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Sexual orientation and medicine

This is the main article for the Category:Sexual orientation and medicine and Category:LGBT physicians.

This article discusses issues related to sexual orientation and medicine including medical associations and societies, medical schools, health, health policy, access to health care and health disparities.

It also includes a timeline of events related to sexual orientation and medicine.


LGBT-specific medical associations


  • Australian Lesbian Medical Association

United Kingdom

United States

Medical associations with policy related to sexual orientation


  • Australian Medical Association[1]


United States

  • American Academy of Pediatrics [2]
  • American Medical Association[3]
  • American Medical Student Association [4]
  • American Psychological Association (for public)[5] (for educators)[6]
  • Catholic Medical Association[1]
  • Christian Medical and Dental Association [7]

Timeline of events related to sexual orientation and medicine

See also: Timeline of AIDS and Timeline of LGBT history

America’s gay and lesbian population comprises a diverse community with disparate health concerns. Major health issues for gay men are HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, depression, and suicide. Gay male adolescents are two to three times more likely than their peers to attempt suicide. Some evidence suggests lesbians have higher rates of smoking, overweight, alcohol abuse, and stress than heterosexual women. The issues surrounding personal, family, and social acceptance of sexual orientation can place a significant burden on mental health and personal safety.

Healthy People 2010 [4]

  • 2004
    • New York Medical College revokes the charter of the its LGBT medical student group after the applies to change its name from Student Help Organization to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender People in Medicine. School officials claimed “the organization and its leader would advocate and promote activities inconsistent with the values of NYMC.”[5][6]
  • 2005
    • American Medical Association president Edward Hill, MD becomes the first AMA president to address the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association in a speech entitled "Understanding, Advocacy, Leadership: The AMA Perspective on LGBT Health."

I know that GLMA members and LGBT physicians have been treated unfairly by the AMA in the past. There is simply no excuse for discriminatory actions or exclusions based on sexual orientation or gender identity -- none. First, GLMA has opened [the AMA's] eyes to the diverse needs of LGBT patients, and second -- and just as important -- GLMA has told patients that they have the right to expect a health care system filled with openness, fairness and equality."[7]

Dr. Edward Hill, MD, president American Medical Association

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