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National Instruments DIAdem -- Complete Your Technical Data Management Framework with Powerful Off-line Analysis, Visualization, and Report Generation

Today, as a research or design engineer, you are faced with designing higher quality products faster than ever before. As you quickly perform tests to validate designs and analyze the data from scientific tests, the storage and analysis of collected measurement data has become quite complicated. Often, large amounts of data are stored in different formats on numerous computers, making it extremely difficult to locate and analyze to improve product design. As a result, many organizations are seeing a loss in efficiency, because they do not have easy access to all of the information needed to make important decisions.

However, by incorporating a technical data management framework, your organization can productively store and retrieve measurement data for later use. Equipped with the appropriate tools to locate and analyze these previously stored data sets, you will be able to extract important information more easily to drive your design process.

Table of Contents:
  • DIAdem Overview
  • DIAdem-DATA -- Data Storage, Access, and Interactive Manipulation
  • DIAdem-VIEW -- Interactively Visualize Data
  • DIAdem-CALC -- Interactive Mathematical Analysis
  • DIAdem-GRAPH -- Professional Reporting
  • DIAdem-AUTO -- Automating Your Analysis
  • Video and 3D Modeling with DIAdem-CLIP and DIAdem-INSIGHT
  • List of Available Add-On Functions for DIAdem

DIAdem Overview

With National Instruments DIAdem, you can extract test validation data from numerous file formats, manipulate and interactively analyze data using hundreds of engineering-focused analysis routines, and gen a value can have a corresponding video image, DIAdem Clip accommodates several videos and data traces simultaneously. You can adjust the layout for the different video clips and save the layout for future presentations. Add more videos by simply dragging and dropping your video from the data navigator to the video window. The software automatically synchronizes the data points and video images after a few parameters have been entered.

With this software, you can find events in your data sets by visually inspecting your test video and seeing the data acquired during the test simultaneously. The program works with standard AVI video files. Application examples include fast events such crash tests, ABS break tests, and explosion analysis, as well as slow events such as material fatigue analysis.

This example shows two videos from different angles of a crash test together with data from the dummy.

With DIAdem Insight, you not only can view your data on the object where the measurements were acquired, but also can rotate and zoom in on your model as well. With DIAdem Insight, you can also display motion and shading to help visualize your data. In addition to the display of measured data, you can also display calculation results. Using DIAdem Insight, you can import 3D models of your test object and assign acquired data from the sensors on the original object to that 3D model. The result is a representation of the test object that changes color or displacement according to the values of the measurement. DIAdem Insight makes is easy to understand your data. Instead of looking at numerous data traces with temperature data, you can see the actual temperatures change the color of the measurement model. You can see the results of your measurement on the object itself. Application examples include temperature measurements on a dummy for air conditioning testing in vehi cles and strain measurements on airplane wings.

This example shows temperatures that have been measured on the surface of a dummy to analyze a vehicle air conditioning system.

DIAdem-CLIP Key Features

Interactive Evaluation

  • Open virtually any number of trace and video windows
  • Position and scale interactively

Video Sequences
  • Play full size and zoomed details in multiple windows
  • Select playback speeds

  • Display data as traces
  • Zoom, scroll, copy, or delete traces
  • Use a crosshair cursor to move interactively along the traces
  • View data values in the legend

  • Synchronize all video and trace windows
  • Alter frame rates and video start times, as well as start and end point of traces
  • Select playback speeds

  • Overview of videos and data
  • Quick view function for data and videos

Layout Library
  • Create layout templates
  • Save templates with links to data, video, and model files

Additional DIAdem-INSIGHT Key Features

Import 3D Models
  • Display your measured objects in three dimensions
  • W ork with CAD, FEM models (DXF, FEM, VRML)
  • Select color, light reflection, transparency, structure directly on the model

Display Data on the Object
  • 3D display with shading and motion
  • Move, rotate, and zoom interactively
  • Define color scale freely
  • Move or rotate every grid point in all directions

Media Builder for DIAdem-CLIPlip and DIAdem-INSIGHT
  • Generation of DIAdem-CLIP and DIAdem-INSIGHT presentations, which can be played with the DIAdem-CLIP and DIAdem-INSIGHT Player (free of charge).

List of Available Add-On Functions for DIAdem

DIAdem Crash Toolset

  • Mathematical functions for evaluation of crash tests and crash simulation tests
  • Resultant, CFC and FIR filters, HIC, HPC, Xms, Xg, VC, TTI, HCD, TI, NIC, NIC Rear Impact, NIJ, FFC, TRJ, Time Area Copy and more standard algorithms in accordance to various ISO, SAE, ECE, NHTSA, FMVSS, and other standards

Signal Analysis Toolset
  • FFT functions -- Inverse FFT, Transfer Function, Correlations, and more
  • Digital Filter Functions -- FIR and IIR Filters; characteristics such as Bessel, Butterworth, and Chebyshev

3D Toolset
  • 3D/4D/6D graphics as surfaces, waterfall, bars, spikes, isoline projection, curves in space; multiple axis systems, also combinable with 2D axis
  • 3D Math -- various conversions from matrix to triplets and vice versa, basic matrix mathematics, surface generation and a nalysis such as multidimensional approximations and interpolations
  • Order Analysis Toolset
  • Order analysis in time domain (tracking analysis) -- third-octave analysis
  • Order analysis in frequency domain -- rpm-controlled frequency analysis for the definition of rpm-dependent vibrations, FFT analysis
  • Evaluation -- linear, dB, dB(A), dB(B), dB(C)

Curve-Fitting Toolset
  • Spline interpolation and approximation -- nonparametric and parametric splines; natural, periodic, and rational splines; Akima splines
  • Circle Regression -- regression circle with extremal incircle and circumcircle, regression circle with concentric incircle and circumcircle

Classification Toolset
  • Random sample, time-at-level counting, level-crossing counting, max-value-saving procedure, range counting, range-pair counting, peak-value counting; relative or absolute class frequency calculation
  • Compound classification -- Random check, maximum value saving procedure, time-at-level counting

Rainflow Toolset
  • Calculation of the Rainflow and transition matrix; residues can be closed or set up, taking hysteresis into account
  • Extraction of single-parameter classification from the result matrices, level-crossing counting, range and range-pair counting, determination of sum or single-point frequency, taking hysteresis into account
erate standardized professional reports for collaboration. For these reasons, DIAdem is often a very valuable component in a technical data management framework.

DIAdem provides a built-in data model to label and organize metadata for your different data sets. Using DIAdem, you can import data from numerous file types, such as ASCII, Microsoft Excel, binary, and databases. And its tight integration with National Instruments products, such as LabVIEW, makes DIAdem a natural choice for National Instruments customers.

DIAdem offers two areas of in-depth data analysis. For quick interactive results, you can work directly with graphically displayed data with the click of a mouse. For mathematical analysis, use the DIAdem function library of basic formulas and functions, signal analysis, curve fitting, statistics, and advanced algorithmic solutions.

Coupled with these data analysis capabilities, lies a powerful tool to visualize your results. With DIAdem, you can display graphs, tables, graphics, and text in reports simply by dragging and dropping menu-selected items into your presentation -- even save report templates for future data sets.

With the increasing need for data and information management, DIAdem saves time and money by automating presentation, data management, and analysis tasks.

DIAdem-DATA -- Data Storage, Access, and Interactive Manipulation

Often, for smaller applications that do not collect large amounts of data, you may choose to store your validation data in an ASCII file. For larger data sets, you may opt for a binary file to conserve disk storage space and processing time. For your larger validation test efforts that require data to be collected from numerous tests on one or more units, you may choose to store data in a standard database, such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle. To simplify data storage for various file formats and database connectivity, tools are available for LabVIEW, Measurement Studio, and DIAdem.

Using the DIAdem-DATA Module, you can load selected data channels to compare current data results against historical ones to pinpoint important measurement events. You can easily apply algebraic and Boolean equations to make data calculations and store the formulas with the test results. You can also manipulate manually entered, calculated, or stored data with the DIAdem Data Module. With DIAdem you also can work with specific data segments cut from the source data.

Data from various sources and in multiple formats is easily selected and loaded into DIAdem.

Data Management Key Features

Data Import and Export

  • Process or manage more than 2 GByte of data in up to 65,000 columns
  • Data import for ASCII, Excel, binary, RPC3, TEAC, nCode, ATF, DIF, LabVIEW, and others
  • Connection to databases via ADO, SQL/ODBC and ASAM
  • Data navigator for DIAdem data files, Citadel data from LabVIEW Data Logging and Supervisory Control applications, ADO database tables, DOM-XML-files and ASAM datasources
  • Data import and export via the Microsoft Windows clipboard
  • Data types include numeric, text, date, time
  • Export results to ASCII and binary files, databases, and Microsoft Word and Excel

Data Manipulation
  • Manually enter, copy, insert, cut/paste and delete channels, blocks, or single values
  • Clearly annotate data records and channel properties

Formula Calculations
  • Process channels, single values, variables, texts
  • Create simulated signals
  • Perform numeric/Boolean operations
  • Search for threshold events in data

With the DIAdem data editor, you can easily select data from a data file with multiple channels and millions of values in each channel.

DIAdem-VIEW -- Interactively Visualize Data

With the DIAdem-VIEW module, simply select a screen layout with up to eight main windows to easily view, manipulate, and graphically analyze your data. Assign your data set to it; then view, zoom-in, and pan on specific intervals of data in the display.

A cursor is moved interactively on the tracks of multiple data channels. The values are shown in the legend..

Using the extensive customization options in DIAdem, you can select data with the band cursor and analyze it. The bottom left window shows the selected original data, and the bottom right window shows the amplitude spectrum of the selected data.

Data Visualization Key Features

Viewing Data

  • Choose from numerous screen layouts with flexible graphing options, including up to 20 traces per window
  • Copy, move, and delete graphs
  • Scale and rescale automatically
  • Choose from various cursor types, including crosshair, band, and frame
  • Zoom and scroll interactively on any graph region
  • Display graph minima and maxima
  • Display cursor, x, y, dX, and dY coordinates
  • Display individual legends for each window
  • Save complete visualization configurations including window settings, data channel settings, selected cursor, and legend

DIAdem-CALC -- Interactive Mathematical Analysis

In a technical data management framework, it is important that you be able to perform comprehensive analysis on your data to convert raw data to meaningful information. With the DIAdem-CALC Module, you can mathematically analyze your data. Perform powerful mathematical functions easily, from simple arithmetic and graph adaptations, to statistics, signal analysis and matrix operations. In addition, the DIAdem-CALC Module also helps automate your calculations by storing functions in groups so that each work session is automatically documented through a script.

With the formula interpreter, you can perform any kind of formula calculation with channels or single values.

In this typical view of the DIAdem Calculation Module, you choose a method from the library, select the data and parameters, and execute to get new data.

Various curves that approximate the original measurements provide a family of characteristics.

Various classification algorithms provide powerful data reduction and analysis methods.

Powerful Signal Analysis Functions in Time and Frequency Domain

Results of an Order Analysis in the Time Domain

Mathematical Analysis Key Features

Formula Calculation

  • Perform simple math on data sets, variables, and single values in the Data Module
  • Complete large number of scientific functions, including SQRT, Sin, COS, TAN, ABS, MOD, and more

  • Use tools for integration, differentiation, and summation
  • Sort channels, average multiple curves, and more

Curve Fitting
  • Perform running-average calculations, regressions, and approximations, or fit splines

  • Perform running averages
  • Calculate descriptive statistics (min, max, sums, averages, standard deviations, etc.)
  • Perform histogram calculations

Signal Analysis
  • Perform fast Fourier transforms, coherence, transfer function, auto and cross correlation, digital filtering
  • Use configurable IIR and FIR filters -- Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop

DIAdem-GRAPH -- Professional Reporting

With the DIAdem-GRAPH Module you can quickly generate professional reports, display your graphs, tables, comments, and additional graphics to further depict your analyses. Because DIAdem-GRAPH has hidden-line calculations, contour lines, and projections on planes, you can clearly and easily see the results of your acquired and analyzed data. You also can save, print, and export your layouts to popular word processing and presentation software.

DIAdem offers extremely flexible reporting option s, including graphs, tables, descriptions, and more.

Report Generation Key Features

Layout and Design

  • Select from a large number of graphical objects using an easy-to-use icon-based menu
  • Use 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D axis systems, polar coordinates, graphics, tables, text, and variables
  • Custom functions for pre- and post processing of layouts
  • Automatic depiction of data channel combinations with the same names

  • Scale automatically or manually with linear, logarithmic, third-octave, probability net, date/time
  • Position multiple Y axes

  • Graph in two dimensions with lines, bars, symbols, spikes, differentials, constants
  • Graph in three dimensions with areas, waterfall, spikes, bars, and contours
  • Use 4D/6D axes

  • Integrate variables such as calculation results, date/time, and file names
  • Include text labels in your graph

  • Include graphics and photographs in various formats
  • Scale your graphics arbitrarily

Output and Archiving
  • Store layout templates for reuse

  • WYSIWYG print of the layout area in highest, prin ter depending quality
  • To Windows clipboard in high quality WMF format

  • To file formats including WMF, EMF, BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG, PCx, TGA, EPS, and more

DIAdem-AUTO -- Automating Your Analysis

With DIAdem-AUTO, you have the power to customize and automate common data analysis and reporting tasks. Using the DIAdem Autosequence Module, you can record a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. They are saved directly as Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBS) code so that the functionality can be reused repeatedly, much like a macro. This procedure might include loading data sets, calculating and manipulating your data, creating graphic displays of your data, and printing reports to a network printer. To extend the functionality of these scripts, you can modify them with the integrated editor. With this extensive scripting tool, you can display dialog boxes for user input, create simple-to-use analysis and reporting procedures, connect to databases and use ActiveX components. The integrated development environment allows debugging and loading and saving of all project related files with one action. Then, with a single mouse click, engineers and technicians throughout your organization can perform analysis and generate professional reports on their datasets.

Section of a VBS Autosequence ("Macro"), automatically generated in the teach-in mode and edited with additional commands.

The interactive graphical dialog editor adds flexible interaction to Autosequences.

With a customized dialog for connecting to databases, any user can perform filtering, load data, and find information.

Autosequencing Key Features


  • Create in the teach-in mode or manually with any text editor

Commands Available
  • Complete DIAdem functionality
  • Complete Microsoft Visual Basic Script (VBS) functionality including control structures such as loops and branches as well as integration of ActiveX components

Special Functions
  • Define dialogs including dynamic behaviour using VBS functions related to controls
  • Evaluate series of similar data records
  • Assign icons on standard DIAdem desktop with Autosequences
  • Remotely control application with other Windows applications through ActiveX
  • Remotely control DIAdem with specially designed LabVIEW VIs

Integrated Development Environment
  • Watch and edit the code already during the teach-in ("macro recording") session
  • Open multiple files of all different types (Autosequences, Sub-Autosequences, separate variable definitions, additional ASCII-lists, etc.)
  • Use the Microsoft Windows Script Debugger
  • Set breakpoints, use the single step mode, and watch variable contents in separate windows
  • Load and save all project related files in one action

Video and 3D Modeling with DIAdem-CLIP and DIAdem-INSIGHT

In addition to the standard DIAdem modules, you can also take advantage of more advanced video and 3D modeling features.

With DIAdem Clip, you can synchronize video sequences with your data. Because each dat


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