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MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - APAC Analysis and Market Forecasts

NEW YORK, May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - APAC Analysis and Market Forecasts

MediPoint: Diagnostic Cardiac Biomarkers for Acute Coronary Syndromes - APAC Analysis and Market Forecasts

Summary The ACS in vitro diagnostics market is dominated by a single biomarker test, cardiac troponins. However, this market remains of high interest due to advancements in assay sensitivity both on laboratory and point-of-care platforms. GlobalData expects these advancements to have an impact on other diagnostic tests such as creatine kinase-MB isoenzyme and myoglobin. Furthermore, the emergence of pipeline biomarker tests will change the landscape of ACS in vitro diagnostic testing and is expected to provide enhancements in the early diagnosis of the disease.

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) consists of two major diseases, myocardial infarction (MI) and unstable angina, with the former being one of the major killers in the mature markets. Though the incidence of ACS is either in decline or steady across the US and European countries, millions of ACS and suspected ACS patients still visit emergency rooms every year with symptoms such as chest pain, and these patients are typically assessed with in vitro diagnostic cardiac biomarker tests. The ACS diagnostic cardiac biomarker reagents market is dominated by the cardiac troponins, the gold-standard biomarkers for the diagnosis of MI.


- An overview of ACS, which includes epidemiology, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology and treatment guidelines.- Annualized APAC ACS in vitro diagnostic testing reagents market revenue and future forecasts from 2009 to 2011, forecast for 7 years to 2018.- Investigation of current and future market competition for diagnostic cardiac biomarkers for ACS- Insightful review of the key industry drivers, restraints and challenges as well as predicted impact of key events.- Competitor assessment including device approval analysis and device sales forecasts.- Marketed and pipeline product profiles covering efficiency, safety, clinical study details, device approvals, product positioning and device sales forecast.- Analysis of unmet needs within the market and opportunities for future players.- Technology trends evaluation to assess strength of pipeline.- An overview of all devices in development including clinical study details, design and material selection considerations, efficacy reports, and device approval timelines.- Company profiles including business description, financial overview and SWOT analysis.- Coverage of key market players.- Strategic assessment of the diagnostic cardiac biomarkers for ACS sector through market impact analysis, future market scenario and company analysis.- Direct quotes from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as well as cardiologists

Reasons to buy

- Understand the trends shaping and driving APAC diagnostic cardiac biomarkers for ACS.- Realize device preferences of physicians who have performed the tests already.- Access market sizing, forecasts and quantified growth opportunities in APAC diagnostic cardiac biomarkers for ACS Market through 2018.- Quantify candidate patient populations to better design product pricing & launch plans.- Drive revenues, formulate effective sales and marketing strategies and gain in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape.- Perform benchmarking analysis of growth opportunities against currently marketed products.- Assess competitiveness of products in market by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current competition.- Take a comprehensive look at the market's device pipeline and identify promising, paradigm-shifting products.- Create an effective counter-strategy to gain a competitive advantage against those currently in the market.- Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present the best opportunities for growth.- What's the next big thing in APAC diagnostic cardiac biomarkers for ACS market landscape? Identify, understand and capitalize.1 Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 71.1 List of Tables 131.2 List of Figures 152 Introduction 162.1 Catalyst 163 Disease Overview 173.1 Acute Coronary Syndromes 173.2 Anatomy and Physiology 183.3 Pathophysiology 193.4 Clinical Presentation 203.4.1 Symptoms 203.4.2 Diagnosis 203.5 Clinical Outcomes 263.5.1 Treatment Options 263.5.2 Treatment Paradigm 293.6 Epidemiology 303.7 Economic Impact 314 Competitive Assessment 324.1 Overview 324.2 Cardiac Troponins 334.2.1 Overview 334.2.2 Clinical Application and Utility 344.2.3 Market Penetration 384.2.4 SWOT Analysis 384.3 Creatine Kinase-MB 394.3.1 Overview 394.3.2 Clinical Application and Utility 404.3.3 Market Penetration 414.3.4 SWOT Analysis 414.4 Myoglobin 424.4.1 Overview 424.4.2 Clinical Application and Utility 434.4.3 Market Penetration 444.4.4 SWOT Analysis 444.5 Point-of-Care 454.5.1 Overview 454.5.2 Clinical Application and Utility 464.5.3 Market Penetration 494.5.4 SWOT Analysis 505 Unmet Needs 515.1 Overview 515.2 Earlier Diagnosis 525.3 Specificity and False Positives 545.4 Interpretation of Biochemical Assay Results 565.5 Markers for Myocardial Ischemia 585.6 Troponin Assay Sensitivity 596 Pipeline Products 606.1 Overview 606.2 BAG3 (Biouniversia) 616.2.1 Overview 616.2.2 SWOT Analysis 616.3 CAVARISK (Cavadis) 626.3.1 Overview 626.3.2 SWOT Analysis 626.4 CardioScore (BG Medicine) 636.4.1 Overview 636.4.2 SWOT Analysis 636.5 Circulating Endothelial Cells 646.5.1 Overview 646.5.2 SWOT Analysis 656.6 Copeptin (Thermo Scientific) 666.6.1 Overview 666.6.2 SWOT Analysis 696.7 Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein 706.7.1 Overview 706.7.2 SWOT Analysis 726.8 MIRISK VP Assessment (Aviir) 736.8.1 Overview 736.8.2 SWOT Analysis 736.9 Early Emerging Tests 746.9.1 Heart Diagnostic Assay (Prevencio/University of Pittsburgh) 746.9.2 Sentinel CVD (GeneNews) 746.9.3 SomaScan Cardiovascular Assay (SomaLogic) 747 Industry Overview 757.1 ACS Diagnostic Biomarker Testing Trends 757.2 Market Access 777.3 Reimbursement Trends 797.3.1 Japan 797.3.2 China 797.3.3 India 807.4 Regulatory Environment 817.4.1 Product Recalls 818 Current and Future Players 828.1 Overview 828.2 Trends in Corporate Strategy 828.3 Abbott Diagnostics 838.3.1 Overview 838.3.2 Portfolio Assessment 848.4 Alere 858.4.1 Overview 858.4.2 Portfolio Assessment 868.5 Beckman Coulter 878.5.1 Overview 878.5.2 Portfolio Assessment 888.6 bioMérieux 898.6.1 Overview 898.6.2 Portfolio Assessment 908.7 Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation 918.7.1 Overview 918.7.2 Portfolio Assessment 928.8 Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 938.8.1 Overview 938.8.2 Portfolio Assessment 948.9 Radiometer Medical 958.9.1 Overview 958.9.2 Portfolio Assessment 968.10 Randox Laboratories 978.10.1 Overview 978.10.2 Portfolio Assessment 988.11 Response Biomedical 998.11.1 Overview 998.11.2 Portfolio Assessment 1008.12 Roche Diagnostics 1018.12.1 Overview 1018.12.2 Portfolio Assessment 1018.13 Siemens Healthcare 1038.13.1 Overview 1038.13.2 Portfolio Assessment 1048.14 Thermo Scientific 1058.14.1 Overview 1058.14.2 Portfolio Assessment 1069 Market Drivers and Opportunities and Barriers 1079.1 Market Drivers 1079.1.1 Uptake of Pipeline Biomarker Tests 1079.1.2 Increasing Adoption of POC Testing 1089.1.3 Increasing Volume of Tests in the Emerging Markets 1099.2 Market Opportunities 1109.2.1 High-Sensitivity Troponin Assays 1109.2.2 Enhancement in Sensitivity of Troponin POC Assays 1129.2.3 New Pipeline Tests for Early Diagnosis of ACS 1139.2.4 Emerging Markets 1149.3 Market Barriers 1159.3.1 Saturation of Troponin Testing in Japan 1159.3.2 Removal of CK-MB and Myoglobin from Testing Panels 1159.3.3 Reimbursement 11510 Country Outlooks and Forecasts 11610.1 APAC Region Markets Overview 11610.2 Japan 11810.3 China 11910.4 India 12011 Appendix 12111.1 Bibliography 12111.2 Abbreviations 13311.3 Research Methodology 13511.3.1 Overview 13511.3.2 Coverage 13511.3.3 Secondary Research 13511.3.4 Forecast Methodology 13611.4 Primary Research 13711.5 Physicians and Specialists Included in this Study 13811.6 About the Authors 14011.6.1 Analysts 14011.6.2 Global Head of Healthcare 14111.7 About MediPoint 14211.8 About GlobalData 14211.9 Contact Us 14211.10 Disclaimer 143

List of Tables

Table 1: Risk Factors Associated with ACS 21Table 2: Properties of Common ACS and MI Diagnostic Biomarkers 24Table 3: Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of ACS 25Table 4: Common PCI Periprocedural Antithrombotic Drugs 26Table 5: Common Drugs for Fibrinolysis 27Table 6: Common Drugs for the Treatment of NSTEMI and UA 28Table 7: Description of Direct and Indirect Economic Costs 31Table 8: Product Profile – Cardiac Troponins 34Table 9: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of Selected Current Troponin Assays 35Table 10: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of Selected High-Sensitivity Troponin Assays 36Table 11: Cardiac Troponins SWOT Analysis 38Table 12: Product Profile – Creatine Kinase-MB 39Table 13: Creatine Kinase-MB SWOT Analysis 41Table 14: Product Profile – Myoglobin 42Table 15: Myoglobin SWOT Analysis 44Table 16: Product Profile – Point-of-Care Testing 45Table 17: Cardiac Troponin Concentrations of POC Troponin Assays 47Table 18: Point-of-Care Cardiac Panel SWOT Analysis 50Table 19: ACS Cardiac Biomarker Product Pipeline 60Table 20: BAG3 SWOT Analysis 61Table 21: CAVARISK SWOT Analysis 62Table 22: CardioScore SWOT Analysis 63Table 23: Circulating Endothelial Cells SWOT Analysis 65Table 24: Copeptin SWOT Analysis 69Table 25: Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein SWOT Analysis 72Table 26: MIRISK VP SWOT Analysis 73Table 27: Company Profile – Abbott Diagnostics 83Table 28: Abbott Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 84Table 29: Company Profile – Alere 85Table 30: Alere SWOT Analysis, 2013 86Table 31: Company Profile – Beckman Coulter 87Table 32: Beckman Coulter SWOT Analysis, 2013 88Table 33: Company Profile – bioMérieux 89Table 34: bioMérieux SWOT Analysis, 2013 90Table 35: Company Profile – Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation 91Table 36: Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2013 92Table 37: Company Profile – Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 93Table 38: Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 94Table 39: Company Profile – Radiometer Medical 95Table 40: Radiometer Medical SWOT Analysis, 2013 96Table 41: Company Profile – Randox Laboratories 97Table 42: Randox Laboratories SWOT Analysis, 2013 98Table 43: Company Profile – Response Biomedical 99Table 44: Response Biomedical SWOT Analysis, 2013 100Table 45: Company Profile – Roche Diagnostics 101Table 46: Roche Diagnostics SWOT Analysis, 2013 102Table 47: Company Profile – Siemens Healthcare 103Table 48: Siemens Healthcare SWOT Analysis, 2013 104Table 49: Company Profile – Thermo Scientific 105Table 50: Thermo Scientific SWOT Analysis, 2013 106Table 51: Sales Forecasts for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents in the APAC Region Markets, ($m), 2009–2018 116Table 52: Major Events Affecting the ACS In Vitro Diagnostics Market 117Table 53: Sales Forecasts for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents in Japan, ($m), 2009–2018 118Table 54: Sales Forecasts for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents in China, ($m), 2009–2018 119Table 55: Sales Forecasts for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents in India, ($m), 2009–2018 120

List of Figures

Figure 1: Anatomy of the Human Heart 18Figure 2: Heart Muscle Damage, Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 19Figure 3: Strategy for Evaluating ACS 21Figure 4: Treatment and Management of ACS 29Figure 5: Annual Number of ACS Cases Across APAC, 2009?2018 30Figure 6: APAC Region Market Share by Test Type for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, 2012 32Figure 7: Estimated APAC ACS Diagnostic Biomarker Testing Volumes, 2009 to 2018 76Figure 8: APAC Region Sales Forecast for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, ($m), 2009–2018 116Figure 9: APAC Region Market Share for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, 2012 and 2018 117Figure 10: Japan Sales Forecast for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, ($m), 2009–2018 118Figure 11: China Sales Forecast for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, ($m), 2009–2018 119Figure 12: India Sales Forecast for ACS In Vitro Diagnostic Testing Reagents, ($m), 2009–2018 120

Companies mentioned

Abbott Diagnostics


Beckman Coulter


Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

Radiometer Medical

Randox Laboratories

Response Biomedical

Roche Diagnostics

Siemens Healthcare

Thermo Scientific

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