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Flameout Fire Extinguishing Foam to Revolutionize Consumer and Professional Fire Safety

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) June 10, 2013

With the nightmare of Colorado’s historic wildfire season still etched indelibly in his consciousness, Boulder Fire Chief Larry Donner watched with a sense of disbelief and irony as one of his city colleagues plunged a bare hand into the embers of a demonstration burn experiment that had just been extinguished in a municipal parking lot.

Division Manager Mick Brekke was field-testing Flameout in front of a live audience of city and county staffers. He elicited kudos from the crowd by demonstrating Flameout’s ability to swiftly and effectively subdue a simulated brush fire. However, the essence of Brekke’s presentation rested on showcasing Flameout’s revolutionary capability for preventing a professional firefighter’s worst enemy – re-ignition.

“Re-ignition is the curse that can turn victory into certain defeat,” commented Chief Donner. “The battle against any fire can never be truly won so long as the threat of re-ignition persists.”

Flameout is a “new age” fire suppression product specifically engineered to chemically neutralize the fuel source to the extent that, even when using a blow torch, embers from an extinguished blaze cannot re-ignite.

“Dry chemical technology never conquered the re-ignition nemesis,” says Brekke. He issued the challenge to his group of spectators for some brave volunteer to “validate” his product’s efficacy by physically “bare handing” the embers of what just minutes ago, had been a conflagration of dried brush. Brekke broke the ice himself, wrapping his bare fingers around the smoldering rubble of a charred pine branch. Having previously researched Flameout’s lab tests and disclosures, Boulder’s Open Space & Mountain Parks Director Mike Patton worked up enough courage to follow Brekke’s lead, grabbing some of the burnt debris.

“Although reasonably confident about Flameout’s claims, I had my reflex instinct for heat ready just in case,” Patton admits. To his amazement, “it was as if the fire had been put out hours ago. Positively no heat, whatsoever! If there was any residual warmth, it was probably just imagined.”

In addition to “starving” the fire of its source oxygen, explains Brekke, Flameout’s proprietary formula renders the fire inert by eliminating its’ hydrocarbon bond with the actual fuel source.

“Flameout’s unique wetting agents augment water’s cooling and penetration properties,” says Brekke, “while simultaneously acting as a scrubber, causing residual smoke and soot to settle to the ground.”

Eric Stone, Boulder’s Ecological Systems Resource Manager, said he became instantly impressed with Flameout’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable qualities. “Achieving official endorsement from the U.S. Forestry Service and the EPA really got my attention,” Stone says. “A certifiable Green fire suppression system like Flameout is assured of gaining considerable traction in a locality like Boulder, where environmental issues and sensitivities are politically very prevalent.”

According to Patton, Boulder’s “masterplan” incorporates a zoned perimeter of public lands purposefully set aside for passive recreation, conservation habitat and a protective “buffer” intended to constrain the urban landscape’s natural tendency to grow toward sprawl and “suburbopolis.” As the town’s 46,000 acre public tract pertains to fire protection and prevention, Patton refers to Boulder’s vast open space of grassland, forest and conservation easement as the city’s primary “defensible space.” Wherever privately owned and occupied structures encroach, he says, the challenge of defending these spaces becomes even more complicated. Using the urban planner’s parlance, Patton describes areas where private and public lands conjoin as “Boulder’s urban interspace ecology.” Fire Chief Donner explains that it is critical for his city to manage these areas as if they were actually “fuel reduction zones.”

“Everything possible must be done to prevent so-called fuel ladders from becoming chain reaction connections between various natural and man-made fuel sources,” he says.

As an example, Donner points out that Boulder’s municipal building code strictly prohibits cedar shingle roofing anywhere near the city’s designated open space corridor. The same applies to highly combustible privacy landscaping.

"A huge bonus to Flameout's superlative firefighting and prevention abilities are the product's impressive non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable properties. For environmentally progressive municipalities like Boulder, this benefit cannot be underestimated,” said Chief Donner. “The ‘toxic aftermath’ can be more destructive long-term than the wildfire was itself once indigenous vegetation and soils become contaminated by chemical pollutants. Flameout scientifically eliminates this vexing problem."

“After extensive field testing, we made the decision to implement Flameout into the front lines of Boulder's municipal fire protection defenses,” explained Patton. “Boulder recently invested in an All Terrain Vehicle which is being retro-fitted for purposes of laying down wet lines of Flameout along the fuel breaks and fire line corridors the city has constructed along its' perimeter open space boundaries. The plan is to strategically halt or at least slow the encroachment of advancing wildfires as well as gain a significant time advantage in the effort to contain such a crisis. We're talking here about the potential for not only saving lives, but also averting damage and destruction to both private and public property.”

While Flameout has seen impressive results with professional firefighters, major retailers such as ACE Hardware, Ben Meadows, The Sportsman’s Guide of America, and Wal-Mart have signed on to carry Flameout as well. In May, Flameout launched its new website to coincide with its debut at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. “The response has been overwhelming,” explained Brekke. “Most of the individuals I spoke with were astonished to see the power of Flameout in a head-to-head comparison with dry chemical extinguishers. With the response from the [National Hardware Show], it’s safe to say that Flameout will be found on many more shelves by the end of this summer.”

Flameout’s unique characteristics are covered in detail on their website. In a particular web video, Flameout is compared to a household dry chemical fire extinguisher in a grease fire demonstration. The dry chemical fire extinguisher puts the grease fire out briefly but, the fire quickly re-ignites. When Flameout is used the fire is extinguished and the grease fire does not re-ignite even as a blow torch is used on the smoldering grease.

“I have Flameout in every room in my house, and yes I’m very biased,” Brekke adds laughingly. “I regularly demonstrate Flameout in dangerous fire situations, so I and everyone watching see the difference first-hand,” Brekke adds. “After the demonstration, nobody’s laughing, they’re shocked, and then they want Flameout in their homes.”

As Mick Brekke attests, new technologies, like new paradigms, are often difficult to advocate. “Introducing progress challenges convention, and when it comes to firefighting, change never comes easily. I liken conventional fire protection to Fred Flintstone. Flameout, by comparison, is George Jetson.”


Flameout is a revolutionary new fire extinguishing foam that is exceptionally powerful and safe for the environment. It’s is the ONLY 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive fire extinguishing foam that’s UL listed and certified by both the EPA & U.S. Department of Forestry. Flameout can be purchased at ACE Hardware, Ben Meadows, The Sportsman’s Guide of America, Wal-Mart and online at

Flameout is a division of American Fire Technologies, located in Wilmington, North Carolina. American Fire Technologies provides specialty fire protection system design, integration and management. Learn more about American Fire Technologies at and for more information on Flameout, including wholesale ordering and distribution, contact Mick Brekke at 910-799-9191 ext.252 or visit

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