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DISCOVERLIGHT MOUSE ARRAY from Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.

ProductsDISCOVERLIGHT MOUSE ARRAY from Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
Company Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
Description Each kit contains sufficient materials for 1,464 array sample elements.

  • DiscoverLight Nitrocellulose Membrane: 4 each
  • Blocker BSA in PBS (10X): 50 ml
  • Stabilized Goat Anti-Mouse Antibody, HRP-conjugated: 10 g
  • BupH Phosphate Buffered Saline: 8 packs
  • 10% Tween-20: 2 x 10 ml ampules
  • SuperSignal West Pico Luminol Enhancer: 2 x 25 ml
  • SuperSignal West Pico Stable Peroxide: 2 x 25 ml
  • Info Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
    Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
    3747 N. Meridian Rd.
    P.O. Box 117
    Rockford, IL 61105
    Customer Service: 815-968-0747
    Fax Number: 815-968-8148
    Web Site:
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