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Darwin Symposium at Field Museum offers broad overview of his science and its impact

hatsoever, yet some of the best evidence for his theories have come from geneticsa field that did not even exist at his time. Many of the talks will show how various diverse scientific disciplines, from molecular biology to medicine and genetics to paleontology not only support Darwins theories but also allow us to understand some of the key events in evolution.

Darwin is an example of what the best science can do, Shubin concluded. A single idea can change the world and offer us new ways to see ourselves. In fact, as we learn more about our genome and those of other creatures, Darwin's theories become ever more relevant.

The symposium coincides with the popular Darwin exhibition at The Field Museum that covers his life and his science. For information about this exhibition, which runs until January 1, 2008, see


The Field Museum will host a one-day symposium on Darwin and his theory of evolution. World-class experts from the United States and Great Britain will explore Darwins place in the history of biology; the philosophical dimensions of Darwins theory of evolution; evolutionary innovation in the plant and animal kingdoms; microevolutionary processes in lizards and birds (Darwins finches); problems of co-evolution; tracking the evolution of the HIV virus; and the origin of man.

When: Saturday, November 3, 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM.

Where: James Simpson Theatre, West Entrance, The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago.
ADMISSION IS FREE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. For more information (312) 665-7621

9:00 9:10 AM Welcoming Remarks

9:10 9:40 AM ROBERT J. RICHARDS, University of Chicago: Darwins Place in the History of Biology

9:40 10:10 AM RASMUS WINTHER, University of California-Santa Cruz: Three Philosophical Dimensions of Da

Contact: Greg Borzo
Field Museum

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