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American Chemical Society Weekly PressPac -- April 1, 2009

in contrast, over expressed proteins linked to energy production and other activities.

"Our study demonstrated clear brain proteome differences between honey bee nurse and forager subcastes with distinct social roles," the study says. - AD

"Proteomic Analysis of Honey Bee Brain upon Ontogenetic and Behavioral Development"


Marcelo Valle de Sousa, Ph.D.
University of Braslia
Braslia, DF, Brazil
Fax: +55-61-33072142 Ext. 26


"Magic potion" in fly spit may shoo away blinding eye disease
Journal of Proteome Research

Researchers are reporting the first identification of a "magic potion" of proteins in the saliva of the black fly that help this blood-sucking pest spread parasites that cause "river blindness," a devastating eye-disease. A better understanding of these proteins may lead to better drugs and a vaccine for river blindness and other diseases spread by biting insects. Also known as onchocerciasis, river blindness affects more than 17 million people worldwide, particularly in rural Africa. The report appears in the current edition of ACS' Journal of Proteome Research, a monthly publication.

In the new study, Jos M.C. Ribeiro and colleagues explain that the saliva of adult female black flies contains substances that mute the human body's natural defenses. This chemical cocktail makes the body more vulnerable to disease when infected flies bite into the skin. Until now, however, nobody had identified the specific chemicals involved in this devious action.

The scientists collected salivary glands from hundreds o

Contact: Michael Woods
American Chemical Society

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